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Remember when I decided to put my pins to work and make a pretty little necklace holder? pinterest, knobs, necklaces, pallet, DIY, craft, yellow, jewlery, challenge

I kind of love the pretty little pop of sunshine it brings to my life every morning.

But now I have all these rings, and earrings, and bracelets with no home.
Like stray kittens.  Lost.

So when I ran across this little gem it practically begged me for a makeover.

I added lots of “storage” like egg cartons for earrings.

I used baskets for hair accessories and little dishes for rings and hoops.

I even repurposed a paper towel holder for my bracelets.

I suppose you are ready for the full shebang jewlery station reveal.

My little corner showcases all my pretties and makes accessorizing easy.

What do you think, would you have gone with navy instead of yellow?  Need more ring storage?  Think I have too many necklaces?

Written by Christina and Tim