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This weekend was a complete whirlwind.
The highlight was visiting Ces & Judy’s for our monthly STL Bloggers meet up.

The fine folks at Ces & Judy’s slaved all day in the kitchen, and boy am I thankful.  I kind of wish they would move in and make me delicious food all day.

Oh wait, you didn’t know that Ces & Judy’s did more than cater?
It’s okay, neither did I.

Get ready to be amazed, and slightly jealous because I totally parade our good eats all over this post.  Hope you’re not hungry. call jenna The amazing Jenna Stratman hosted our little shindig and was even sweeter than the brownies they fed us.  I was so excited to see the venue part of Ces & Judy’s since it was completely renovated last fall. the entry

My favorite room was the round room.  It was so cozy and architecturally interesting.  And can I tell you how happy I am to not see red and gold tacky carpet.  You know what I am talking about, right?

Thank goodness when they remodeled, Ces & Judy’s went with a more neutral look.  I’m just saying brides….this will totally go with your colors, no matter what they are.  Ces & Judy’s has got your back. round room Rachael from StyleEveryDay.com was better prepared than I was.  I completely forgot all cameras AND business cards, social networking queen right here.  the details The whole venue was stunning, but here’s what took my breath away. the menu ohbloggers now I am hungry dessert Oh that food was so magically delicious.  Minus the leprechaun.

If you remember the baby shower I planned then you know I am all for letting someone else doing all of your cooking and cleaning.  It is just so much easier, and I am putting Ces & Judy’s on my party places list.

Now who can I throw a party for?

A huge thanks to the St. Louis Bloggers and Ces & Judy’s for throwing such an amazing event.  While Jenna did offer us a free meal for posting about their lovely space the thoughts and praise are all my own.  Especially about that carpet, thank goodness for non-tacky carpet.

Make sure you check out all our awesome St. Louis Bloggers.
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Written by Christina and Tim

24 thoughts on “STL Bloggers January Meetup at Ces & Judy’s

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    1. Christina Post author

      My twitter friend, Stacey told me about the facebook page. You should try searching on facebook for a blogger page in your area….and if there isn’t one then make one!!! Then you can organize all the fun events 🙂

      Where are you from Trisha?

    1. Christina Post author

      Yea, I am so happy that I found that page. They are always keeping me in the loop on local events. Most of them are Fitness and Fashion Bloggers…two areas that I need A LOT of help haha!

  2. Sara

    Awesome! I want to meet other bloggers in STL! I had no idea there were so many awesome bloggers here in town. Adding everyone to my Reader now!

    1. Christina Post author

      PS….I tried to comment on your blog but I lost my wordpress id a while ago. I promise I am getting on that soon!

      I love your blog, it makes me really happy to see St. Louis through the eyes of a (sort of) newcomer! What brought you to Missouri?

      Your home looks amazing…ok have a great day!

      1. moneski

        Oh thank you so much! We just moved into it in November. My bf is originally from STL and he moved for work and I came with. It was a year on Christmas since I have been here. I adore your blog! its so cute and refreshing!! =)

        1. Christina Post author

          I read a little bit about the LOOONG process….I feel ya. We just re-fi’d and it took three months!!! How exciting, are you liking it so far?

          And thannnnk you 🙂 I work in accounting so I need the blog as my creative outlet…so it NEEDS to be fun and fresh and colorful for my sanity!

          Do you have a twitter hashtag?

          1. moneski

            my twitter is @simonenicorici

            Its slooooooooooowly growing on me. I am still trying to get to know people but its hard not knowing a soul out here. I love that you have DIY projects for your home, its so nice to relate with someone on doing things yourself around the house

          2. Christina Post author

            I totally understand, two years ago my best friend moved to Pennsylvania and has told me a million stories about how hard it is to make friends when you’re older. Growing up it was so easy…”do you want my juicebox?” ok now we are BFF for life!

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