Going to the Chapel....

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Are y’all ready for this….

In November, our beyond awesome friend from Vermont flew in to snap some photos that are commonly referred to as engagement photos.  I don’t think I have ever been so excited in my life.  Until I woke up that morning and it was pouring.  Cats and dog type rain.  Even though I tried to pick out some cute rain boots and a flowery umbrella, I was secretly just hoping that my waterproof eyeliner could pull through.

Luckily, Sandy was able to reschedule her flight (I know right, what an awesome photographer) to snap some photos another day.  Unfortunately, the rescheduled day had a “high” of 30 degrees….do you know how cold that is in a cardigan?  Pretty frickin freezing.  Want to ice that cake?  My contacts fogged up for who knows what reason and I had to yank those bad boys out and use Tim as my seeing-eye-fiance.  What an adventure.

SO worth it though, enough words….time for the good stuff. LOST HILL ENGAGEMENT Going to the Chapel.... OUR ENGAGMENT PHOTOS Going to the Chapel.... Can you tell how cold we were?  Poor T’s nose was perpetually red.  And in nine out of ten of these photos we were definitely shivering.  I know the sun looks warm, but boy is that deceiving. WE ARE GETTING MARRIED Going to the Chapel.... I so wish we could have just kept that blanket bundled on us for the whole photo shoot. WE LIKE TO KISS Going to the Chapel.... I like to call that our kissing montage.  We kissed a lot….it’s how we stayed warm. THE ENG OF THE FUN Going to the Chapel....

Even though it was so cold and windy, we had such a great time.  Can’t thank Sam from Lost Hill Lake Events enough for all her help that day….especially for that fire.  She was such a doll.

And Sandy and Erica were serious troopers, they even put up with my blubbering and got a very important shot. THE BEST STORY Going to the Chapel....

Thanks to any and all that helped out with our photos, we love you as much as we love them!

Written by Christina and Tim

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