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Remember this morning when I was gushing over The First Snow and all of the romantic whimsy that her Etsy store can bring to your life?

Let me refresh your memory…. first snow Oh the color, oh the floral, oh the sweet script.  Be still my heart.
You’re in love too?

Well, it is your lucky day.  Darah is a total doll and wants to share the love with all of you.  So she is giving one of her prints to one lucky reader.

I know, not only is the store amazing….she is too!

Here’s the scoop:
Prize:  Your choice of one art print from The First Snow shop.
How to Enter:  Visit Darah’s site and find your favorite print, then holler it out in the comment section down below.  Then cross your fingers, I’m pulling for you.
Giveaway Closes:  On Monday, April 1st at midnight.  Winner announced on Tuesday, April 2nd.  No April Fools jokes here.

Good Luck my friends…

Written by Christina and Tim

Where the heck did March go?

Not too long ago I was wishing it would hurry up, and I guess it serves me right that it just flew right on by.  Without any warning, here comes April.

Gotta tell you I am not very prepared for the whole April showers thing, although the way things are going around these parts the “showers” may come out of the sky as snowman material.  I’ll keep my mittens handy just in case.

To brighten up my gloomy, gray, rainy days (are you all excited yet) I will be awkwardly staring at my new favorite Etsy shop and possibly petting my screen a whole lot.  The romance, the romance is in the air.  Can you feel it? first snow The First Snow has such gorgeous prints that make my blood flow quicken and my heart pitter-patter.  They make me want to fall even more in love with that hunk Timbo.  If you are planning a wedding, you really need to scope out the cake toppers, invitations, and cards because they are beyond adorable.  I feel like I could get lost in a field of hand drawn flowers, which afterall…is the bright side of April showers.

In other blogosphere happenings…. designmom I am forever pinning those photos of girls with cotton candy pink hair or gasp mermaid blue.  I love the bold color, but I work for a Fortune 500 company y’all and I feel like the CEO would not-so-much appreciate my eclectic new doo.  So when Gabrielle at Design Mom featured this temporary hair chalk, I pretty much fell out of my chair.  You mean I can jazz it up on weekends and then be totally business appropriate come Monday.  You guys won’t even recognize me once I have all my Tattly tattoos and bright, funky hair.  I can be so hardcore, for a minute. blondeabroad My new time sucker is definitely The Blonde Abroad.  She is such an inspiration to save all our pennies and see the world, you should see all the places she has been.  Tons of travel tips, videos, and funny stories.  I am hooked. housetweaking Ok, I have caught glimpses of these vertical gardens all over the web but this one is my favorite so far.  Dana over at House Tweaking is working out her green thumb with lots of pretty blooms.  Unfortunately for me, not even a succulent fares well in this house.  I will just print a picture of hers out and put it on the wall, living vicariously…that’s what it’s all about.

Written by Christina and Tim

Most days we have a few searches that leave us thinking, “what the what”.
Like can someone please tell me what the “gracie and mommy show” is.

It always amazes me how many different ways you can search our blog name.  You guys are impressive.

We shouldn’t get all the fun of decoding search terms…you should join in. google it So how did you find this little ol’ blog?

Written by Christina and Tim

When my sister went away to college, she packed up a plain old cork board.

While she saw a place to pin all the digits boys slip her, I saw opportunity for jazzing up the basic.  I took her cork board back home with me and nearly two semesters later, I jazzed it up. fabric covered cork board The best part is that this was super easy, and cheap when you have coupons and sales galore. what you need I hit up Hobby Lobby during a fabric sale and picked up some colorful fabric, decorative tacks and that sweet wooden letter.  All of the supplies including extra hot glue gun sticks cost a whopping $10.  If you have a coupon you could score the cork board on the cheap too.  Then turn on your favorite Housewives show and get to work. the how to The hardest part was putting the tacks in straight and without breaking my thumb.  I know there are lots of tutorials on how to keep the tacks straight, and I am sure you could use a small hammer to spare your thumb.  I am not that “put-together” but you totally can be.  To secure the fabric I just hot glued the back of the board with the fabric pulled super tight, and don’t be cheap with the glue.  Really slather it on there.  Same goes for the wooden letter, pretty it up and then glue that sucker on.

Have you made anything fun lately?

Written by Christina and Tim

Somewhere in all of the bathroom madness, we completely forgot to share our favorite things.  Serious slackers reporting for duty.

I don’t want to keep you waiting another second.
Here are a few of my favorite things. hers 1.  I randomly picked up Essies Crocadilly nail polish.  You paint the nail and then use the super fancy magnet in the cap to pull a design out.  It is a little tricky at first because you have to be fast and not smudge your paint job, but once you got it you will have super cute nails.

2.  I am a little late to this party but I finally gave The Big Bang Theory a chance.  I kind of fell in love, which is lucky since there are reruns on 90% of the day.

3.  My girl Roo hosted a cute stuff sale last week, and I finally snagged this adorable mug.  I can’t wait to mix up some mean lavender hot chocolate and kick back my gator boots.

4.  The Host….read it.  No seriously, it is such a great book and the movie comes out this Friday so you better hurry.

5.  While I agree that chevron may be a dying trend, I can’t get over these earrings.  For only nine dollars they are a must-have.

Without further ado…here are the manfriend’s favorites. his 1.  A couple weeks ago we finally bought a new Shop-Vac.  I have been grabbing every cobweb and dust particle I can find.

2.  With the demise of Google Reader, we have downloaded Feedly to keep up with all of our favorite bloggers.  I can’t believe we didn’t make the switch sooner, the interface is much cleaner and incredibly easy to navigate.

3.  Christina’s dad let us borrow this book, I haven’t been able to put it down.  Now I get why she says that Mr. Grisham is her favorite author.

4.  My car has been in the shop for a few days, and in an effort to sell me an “upgrade” the dealer has us driving the 2013 Mercedes E350.  I have to admit, if someone was buying we would be driving.  These cars are a lot of things, but cheap is not one of them.  For now we will just enjoy it on loan.

5.  These chocolate covered health berries were on sale one day, so we bought them.  What a smart move on the stores part, because now we are hooked and paying full price.

6.  I finally convinced Christina to bring a pair of these cups home so that we can cut down on coasters and condensation.  The Tervis Tumblers don’t sweat and have done a swell job keeping our drinks cold.

Have you found anything great this month?

Written by Christina and Tim