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Often times I use Fridays to showcase all the things that have inspired me all week.

Today will be no different, except that it won’t be personified animals.

Last year I was very involved in the United Way Campaign at my full-time job.  This year, as much as I wanted to be, it didn’t seem feasible with the new position.  So instead I threw out one idea.  A simple idea.  An idea that I wanted in my heart for so long.

Ignite people’s fires.  Give them passion about our brand.  Show them the bigger picture.  Get them invested in the story.  Ok, so technically that’s a couple ideas….but the main idea was allow people to come tour the corporate office.  Introduce them to the “big-wigs” and teach them about our business.  They went for it.

Last night was one of the most inspiring moments I have had in my career.  There was a small turnout, and towards the end of the tour there she was.  The most successful person in our company.  One of only 18 female CEO’s on the Fortune 500 list.  Someone who started at entry-level, and now has the best view in the building.

Then the most amazing thing happened.  She talked to us.  She spent over an hour showing us historical artifacts, storytelling, foreshadowing, and answering our questions.  She gave us a tour of the boardroom, and let us sit on her über comfy sofa.  I am so lucky to work for a company where the CEO will take an hour out of her day to talk to employees she has never met.  Her words were inspiring, and now my only goal in life is to have an office with a shower in it.

So you want to know what inspired me this week?  My company.  My CEO.  My refound ambition.  And a quote that my current manager uses quite often. get-inspired I hope you take that with you.

Do you work in the corporate world?
How do you define success?
Are you old when you get starstruck by a CEO?

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Written by Christina and Tim

2 thoughts on “Inspired….

  1. Janelle

    You’re brilliant! How many shades of red would you have turned if she shook your hand and was like “Oh Christina? Yes I know you! I read your blog during my walking lunch hour!”

    Super proud of you, my friend <3


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