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As often as we can, Tim & I like to go out and enjoy our hometown.

You may remember our trip to the Botanical Gardens for the Lantern Festival.

With the weather turning colder and the Holiday madness winding down, we were finally able to squeeze in another adventure.  The Missouri History museum is in Forest Park and neither one of us had been since a third grade field trip. intro The History Museum has six wings, four of them are free and since you know I took an overload of photos I decided to break them into smaller posts.  The first wing we visited was the World’s Fair wing which was my favorite area of the museum.  It was so full of history and enlightened me to so much that I didn’t know.  The geography of St. Louis was totally different in 1904 and it was fascinating to look at the maps.  ridin durty I knew that the St. Louis World’s Fair was where the ice cream cone was invented, but I didn’t know it spanned 1271 acres.  Or that it ran for 187 days and most of the buildings were built just for the fair.  Or that there were elephants…..who brought those?

And how exactly did we let people in the Philippines know that we were having a Fair in St. Louis in 1904…and how did they bring the elephants?  Someone please find the invitation for me.

As silly as it sounds, I never actually thought about the Worlds Fair.  Or that people from all over the WORLD would be there….hence the name.  I just always assumed it was like your local fair, with a few more people.  Apparently “a few” is actually 20,066,537.

artifacts Timothy’s mom collects silver…so I told Tim he needs to sneak in and “borrow” all of those spoons next Christmas.  He declined saying something about morals or something, I think he is just chicken.  Bawk Bawk.

I was intrigued by all the history and culture and learning there was to take in.

Being an Accountant, I was most excited about the cost of going to the Fair.  I wonder what those gold coins are worth these days.

Did y’all do anything fun this weekend?  I beat Tim in gin rummy 5 times in a row.  You read that right…five times…in a row.

We live an exciting life around these parts…museums and gin rummy.

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Written by Christina and Tim

10 thoughts on “Love where you live…History Museum

  1. Janelle

    St. Louis isn’t on my list of to-see cities (although I’m sure you could convince me to add it) so thank you for posting all these wonderful photos. The fair really blows my mind. So many people! ELEPHANTS! I really want to know what people ate… because certainly it wasn’t deep-friend oreos.

    Also, my boyfriend and I just taught his son to play rummy last nite. WOO! Makes me want to have a little competition one evening. Pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to destroy them like you did with Tim. What did you slip into his drink?! 😉

    1. Christina Post author

      I think St. Louis is a really under-rated city….we really love living here. The news always makes it sound so dangerous and scary, but that is only a few areas. I have wanted to do a post ever since our road trip about “where to go and where to avoid” in St. Louis. Because I was constantly googling “towns to avoid in Chicago” and yada yada.

      Ohhh those poor 1904ians…missing out on all of the deep fried goodness. All I know is ice tea was a luxury!

      You know what, I NEVER beat him in card games. He usually always wins, I think he was just being nice and letting me win!!!!

      1. Janelle

        Well ooookay lady, maybe I’ll do a midwest road trip some day and put St Louis on the list. That was supposed to happen two years ago so one never knows… 😉

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  3. Neal

    Super cool. There’s a book called The Devil in the White City which is about the Chicago World’s Fair which was a few years before the one in St. Louis. I also had my mind blown about the scale of the fair – I had no idea before I read that book. If you’re interested in history and don’t mind a little true crime mixed in it’s a good read – it’s non-fiction, but it reads like a novel.

    1. Christina Post author

      I have heard about that book, but I don’t remember how. Is it about a serial killer or something? I am putting it on my “to read list”….I can’t wait! I love history and I am OBSESSED with ture crime shows. I feel like you just get me 😉

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