Love where you live...History Museum part two

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We told you yesterday about our adventure in the World’s Fair wing at the Missouri History Museum.

Now we are going to give you a little more Missouri History. intro If there is one thing I can say put St. Louis on the map….it would be beer. brewing This is a beer biased town for sure.  Home of the Busch family and Budweiser Brewing.  We do our part to keep the Buschs in business.

Almost as prominent as our brewing history is our sports history.
So it is no wonder that these two things made several appearances throughout the Missouri History Museum. sports Tim’s favorite part of the museum was the War memorabilia, we spent a lot of time looking though the old posters and uniforms and Tim got to tell me all sorts of stories of his grandfather being a prisoner of war. wartime

My favorite part of the whole place was finding out that Missouri voted YES to putting an aquarium in Forest Park.  Holler. aquarium I have a new life plan….open aquarium in St. Louis.

Oh yea, I also quite enjoyed face time with my honey.  Oh and trying to figure out how I wound up on a random TV screen and where on earth the hidden camera was lurking.  Only slightly creepy. consusion nailed it We also learned a thing or two…especially about the big St. Louis fire. fire Even though I’ve hung out with Chuck Berry at the casino before, it was still neat to see him and all of his famous St. Louis Blues buddies  (not of the puck and stick variety, but go Blues). blues

And how adorable is this pink kitchen?
Parts of the museum were like walking back in time. ummmmm I think that Tim and I actually learned a whole lot about this great city of ours. random tidbits Look at my boyfran-man…so excited to get a view of the car…just making sure all the windows are still there.

Did you know Andy Cohen is from Missouri, and Sheryl Crow, and Mark Twain, and John Goodman, and Brad Pitt, and Dick Van Dyke, and one of those house wives girls….I think her name is Alexis.

Have you ever been to St. Louis?  Do you live here and know of a secret spot of awesomeness?  Where are the hot spots in your town?

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Written by Christina and Tim

6 thoughts on “Love where you live…History Museum part two

  1. Janelle

    I had no idea all those peeps were from St Louis!

    I live in southern PA but we actually head down to Inner Harbor in Baltimore MD fairly often. Good restaurants, an aquarium (!!), a science center, and the harbor is just dang cool to see.

    Have you guys been to Atlanta? I have family there. Highly recommend visiting the World of Coca Cola museum. You get to sample every Coca Cola product!! There are lots of old ads and commercials, plus the bottling process… Tim would probably love it.

      1. Christina Post author

        We have been dying to go ever since Sherry and Katie posted about it haha! I love Nashville, TN as well so I figure we can make a whole trip out of it!

    1. Christina Post author

      Anywhere with a harbor sounds like a dream to us!!! We have Atlanta on our list of vacations to take….mainly because of the welll you guessed it…AQUARIUM 🙂


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