Make Mondays Matter....three

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Happy Monday to you….are you ready to make this week better?

I can help.

So a couple of weeks ago I was talking with my old college roommate and she clued me in on Epsom bath soaks.  The girl is nine months pregnant and not even a pinky finger is swollen.  I felt like her argument had some merit.

Before I dove into the Epsom bath, I did a little research.
Be ready for some shocking facts. this aint no system of a down song here source

So this Monday….instead of saving the world.
I think you should pamper yourself. monday matter3 Go spend the $3 on a bag of Epsom salt and jump right into those healing waters tonight.  Relax and let the magic do it’s thing.

Some of the tips I have read online are:

– Don’t eat before or after
– Your pores will be open so avoid soaps
– Rinse with a cool shower afterwards
-Soak as much of your body as possible
– You may be light-headed, so get up slowly
– Put Ingrid Michaelson on Pandora
– Hotter the water the better

Have you ever soaked in Epsom Salt?  Am I totally behind on this?  I remember soaking sprained ankles, but when did it turn into spa day?

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Written by Christina and Tim

5 thoughts on “Make Mondays Matter….three

    1. Christina Post author

      I hadn’t taken a bath in yeeeaaars…I think it had something to do with a certain Seinfeld episode or something!

      You just need a Monica to run your bath for you with candles and bath salts and the perfect temperature (hope you are a Friends fan, or that just got reeeal awkward)

  1. Alison

    I’ve heard the same thing, but the proportions are important. It says use 2 cups to soak just your feet, so I use almost the entire bag in my bath. I started taking this kind of epsom salt bath a couple of years ago when I started running half marathons. a.ma.zing. hardly sore at all.
    so I started thinking about other things that I’d do at a spa and want to do at home… and started mixing a handful of the salts with a glob of coconut oil and exfoliating before sitting in the bath. A soak + super soft skin!!
    i definitely take a shower afterwards – I thought I was weird for doing that – getting clean after I get clean… but it just makes sense to me 🙂

    1. Christina Post author

      OHHHHH you know what…that does make sense! I have only used about four heaping handfuls in my bath, but if you are using two cups for your tootsies it makes sense that you would need a lot more for your whole body! Thanks for point that out 🙂 Now I am dying to get home and concoct an oil salt mix to get all baby soft!!!

      And half marathons, I am tired just thinking about it! I salute you Alison.


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