Love where you live.....Part One....

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Inspired by Design Mom’s “Love the Place you Live” we decided to have a hometown weekend.

A weekend chock full of St. Louisie goodness….yes please.

We cheered on the hometeam, ate some frozen custard, hung out with some fuzzy friends, and visited a St. Louis favorite, the Missouri Botanical Gardens. 

Since I know you don’t want to look at 476 photos in one post….I will do us all a favor and break them down.

You are welcome.

We went to the Botanical Gardens for the Lantern Festival, and trust me I will tell you all about that tomorrow, but I think I was more than a little obsessed with the botany.

Hello and welcome to my garden…..ok I wish.

Get ready for greenery overload, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I seriously want to frolic in those flowers.


We even found a little friend…..hello there.

Would you believe me if I told you that our camera battery died after about 20 minutes of being there.  I guess we over worked her.

Now please don’t ask me what any of those plants are, I am not a botanist….just a lover of pretty things.

Ask Tim….he is a botanist.

A gangster botanist.


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Written by Christina and Tim

12 thoughts on “Love where you live…..Part One….

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  3. Casie

    Gangster botanist? Really Tim? Christina….I feel for ya. I haven’t a clue how he and I have been bff’s for so long. lol

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