Love where you live.....Part Three....

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Last weekend…..we stayed in town.  And enjoyed some popular St. Louis tourist destinations.  We want to share with you why the Lou is so great.

You can read about some of it in these posts.

Part One
Part Two

But this post right here is all about poo flinging monkeys…kinda.

Actually it is more about fuzzy butts, because that was the theme of the day.

I’m not kidding….everywhere we went…..we saw tail.


Thank goodness we had some patience….or we wouldn’t have caught this…

Please don’t ask us about the turtle threesome activity.  Seriously, it was mortifying.  All the kiddos kept asking why they were making noises and hurting each other.  I. am. scarred.

Moving on.

This is my favorite….thing.  Dog face, horse neck, zebra legs.  What are you?

What a rough life.

Those wire fences really ruin a great picture….I am bringing wire cutters next time.

Dang everybody be having babies.

But not these two.

Our babies are our fish.

But if I could take one of these home, I sure would call it my baby…

My sister would rather take these home though….Miss ya Leika…I got you one for your dorm-lawn.

And Tim….he wants a hippo.  Or this guy….

That’s not asking too much, right?

I told him if he gets a gorilla, then I get to stuff homeboy below in my purse to go on princess rides.

I’d be the coolest girl on the block.

Just like stripes up there…she was voted “the coolest” on the Red Rock trail by some little three-year old on a leash.

After all this animal watching I was exhausted….and Tim was planning our next adventure.  Hippo Harbor.


This might sounds strange…or maybe not considering this post…but my favorite thing was this leaf that was floating in the hippo tank.

It was so pretty and magical.

 I think maybe you needed to see it floating gracefully to really appreciate it.

But that hippo tank was too small for those beasts!  I have such a love hate relationship with Zoos, I love seeing the animals but I hate that they are captive and look so sad.

Maybe I’ll start a zoo animal support group.

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Written by Christina and Tim

2 thoughts on “Love where you live…..Part Three….

  1. Raj Thandhi

    We always see the strangest butts at the zoo, so your post made me giggle. We’ve also stayed close to home this summer and tried to check out attractions in our home town and nearby areas, so much fun!

    PS: I think that leaf is just beautiful!

    Pink Chai Style

    1. Christina Post author

      Hey Raj, thanks for the comment! It really seems like the animals purposely ignore you….makes you wonder if they party every night when no one is around!!! Where is your hometown? What is fun to do there, I always love hearing about thinkgs to do in other cities. Have a great day 🙂


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