Friday Favorites....three one

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March is here, March is here.
Just in case you weren’t aware.

Let’s celebrate shall we?

I’ll get the Rubens and long as you make me this cake. a cake from my dreams You had better believe I am taking the first of the month to scope out all the cute St. Patty’s crafts going on.  I love inspiration you know.

Seriously, who is making me that cake.
I don’t even care that I would have a green tongue.

Speaking of colored tongues. sweet rainbow Ok how awesome would it be to wake up to rainbow pancakes?  Hint Hint Tim.

What is it about this holiday that makes me hungry.

I wonder if Timbo would get down with a scavenger hunt, I’m putting this on my to-do list.  Especially since all the clues are already made thanks to Alison. on the agenda Speaking of my boyfran-man…I figure I can make him a little sumthin sumthin.

I love making holidays special, for everyone.  I know leaving these little babies around for all the people I like would make St. Pattys more fun for everyone. my sisters suitcase Have you found any adorable green goodness that I should know about?
Do tell….

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Written by Christina and Tim

12 thoughts on “Friday Favorites….three one

  1. Janelle

    I could attempt that cake for you except I wonder how crazy tall it is?? Mine would probably be the leaning tower of green cake. eek! But then we could eat it like babies attack their first birthday cake… which wouldn’t be so bad after all 😉

    I am considering doing that scavenger hunt. Thanks for sharing it!

    I know this is shocking since I am a redhead (although not Irish that I know of) but I do not own a green shirt. Teal, yes. Green, no. I have started my search for one for me and one for my boyfriend’s son (also a redhead) but am coming up short. If you see anything awesome out on your beloved interwebs, please share!! What do you wear to “dress up” for the occasion? Or do you just throw all your green stuff on the mantel and call it a day?

    1. Christina Post author

      Oh girl I got you! Do you like Homemade Ocean on FB? I will post some there for you…or if I find enough I will do a post.

      You know what…I will do a post, that sounds like FUN!

      1. Janelle

        FOR SURE I have Liked Homemade Ocean on fb. Woman, WHO DO YOU THINK I AM?!? #3 fan right here! (behind your mothers or whoever your cheerleaders are)

        I did just find a shirt for me… but I am still looking for one for the little man and he tends to like funny things which I think you will go for. Soooo yeah I’m on the edge of my seat 😉

        You rock. Happy Friday!

  2. cherrow414

    I love the scavenger hunt idea. I work at a library and totally am going to steal it for the kids. I love Reubens…. Are you coming to Chicago for the river dying?

    1. Christina Post author

      Sayyyy WHAT!?! River dying? I feel like I need to be there for that!!!

      I worked at a library in college, one of my favorite jobs of all time 🙂

        1. Christina Post author

          Two hours…by speed train 🙂 When are we inventing that! It’s about six, but I feel like if I let Tim drive we could make it in 2 and a half!!!!

          Seriously, how did I not know about this….we may have to make a trip up for that! Is Timothy on board?


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