A mini-vacay recap....

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For our long weekend, we decided to take a mini-vacay with the family.

It started off great, got a little bumpy, and ended with a bang. where our mini vacay to KC began Ok seriously, if you walk into a hotel and it is swarming with tweens for any sort of event…just turn around and run.  Run right out the fancy foyer and sleep in your car.  You can thank me later with cookies.

We were lucky enough to be surrounded by middle school softball players for a tournament.  At first, I was all googly-eyed.  I always dreamed of playing on a team (any team) that got to travel and compete.  They were so cute with their braids and braces, I was smitten dreaming of the day Tim and I are hauling all the kids around trying to become parents of superstars.

Then came the screaming, and the dance parties (that I wasn’t invited to), the running of the halls, and the incessant giggling.  I was about to break a pitchers arm, and then it happened.  While drifting off into sweet, sweet slumber.  Flashing lights, blaring sirens.  A late night wake up call.  Furious is an understatement.

Don’t get me wrong, at fourteen I would have thought this was hilarious too.  In my late twenties, watching babies crying in terror and grandmas hustling down the steps…it loses the humor.  Can’t we just watch Chris Farley re-runs instead girls?  I’ll pop the popcorn, you can braid my hair.

I bet those little boogers called up Mother Nature too. a series of bad events on our KC trip then came a KC miracle the end of our kc road trip I know that we could have done without the late night fire alarm and the downpour, but I think this trip will go down in the books as fantastic.

I’m sure when we are eighty we will still be laughing about that silly fire drill.

Have you been on any fun trips lately?
Ever pulled the fire alarm as a prank?
Have any travel disaster stories?

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Written by Christina and Tim

8 thoughts on “A mini-vacay recap….

  1. Trisha D.

    Oh boy, I’m sure it was a very grumpy croud. Is it weird of me to say that at least it was sort of like a drill? My biggest fear is being trapped in a Vegas hotel fire. I always request a lower floor near an exit.

    Dance parties and braids would have been waay more fun!

    1. Christina Post author

      Yea, people were not very happy. Especially the people with young kids (understandable).

      It’s funny because Tim was totally asleep, thanks to those handy ear plugs, and he got up all out of it and was like, “are we really doing this? You know it’s not a real fire. Can’t we just sleep?” and then of course I was all, “Ummmmm absolutely not, are you crazy? Get up and put some pants on homie….it’s go time.” I am terrified of fires!

  2. Janelle

    I’m scared of fires too, request lower floors in hotels, and treat every fire alarm like it’s for real! I saw on a “documentary” about 9/11 that workers in the towers were previously told to ignore alarms unless they were notified otherwise, but they couldn’t be notified that day because the power to the system had been cut from the plane’s damage/etc. FREAKS ME OUT.

    My freshman year of college, my dorm had at least one alarm every weekend, sometimes multiple in one nite. I think the school started getting fined because the fire dept was required to show up and 95% of the time (at least!) there was no actual problem. I think that’s a lot easier to handle as 18 and 19 year olds than families with babies, elderly, etc.

    I’m so glad your weekend turned out well in the end!

    1. Christina Post author

      Yea, It wasn’t too bad for us but there were kids screaming because they were scared. Not to mention all the sleeping babies that were woken up in a panic. And seriously, watching little old ladies trying to struggle down four flights was no fun. It was chaos.

      Ohhhh I never treat anything like a drill…you best believe I packed up all our bags and the only thing left for that potential fire was a toothbrush hahaha!

  3. CT

    My freshman year of college, the dorm I lived in was hit with the fire alarm drill at least three nights of the week by a frat that was hazing its pledges (each pledge had to pull the fire alarm). You pretty much just slept in regular clothes because the dorm supervisor people had to make sure we all left each time on the odd chance it was a real fire . . . bizarre what teenage brains think is entertaining!

    1. Christina Post author

      RIGHT! I remember having them all the time in college and it was no big deal….it was even funny sometimes. And in high school…oh then it was hilarious AND we got out of class. Win-win.

      I was surprised at how many people did stay behind. We could see them watching out the windows. I of course kept telling Tim how dumb those people were, especially the ones who were clearly holding a kid!


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