I am not a golddigger....

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But recently I have been growing a little sweet spot for gold.

There is something sweet and girly about gold, maybe when the price of it started going up I started taking notice of it’s sparkle.
Oh wait…I am not a gold digger.

But I am digging this gold. While perusing one of my new favorite sites Stella & Dot I noticed all the things that I was jotting down on my I’ve-been-good-for-Christmas list happened to have something in common.


This is not your grandmother’s gold people, the pops of color keep it fresh and fun.  Although there’s a certain vintage charm that comes with sporting giz-old.

Everything above can be found on Stella & Dot, in case you are starting your Christmas shopping early friends.

This is not a blatant hint…ahem I really love the green ring.  What is your favorite?

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Written by Christina and Tim

6 thoughts on “I am not a golddigger….

    1. Christina Post author

      Hey Simone! Isn’t that ring to die for!!! I was never a fan of gold until I started looking at this sight and everything I picked was gold. It’s like a polar shift or something!


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