His and Hers - January Favorites

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A day late and many dollars short thanks to someone’s birthday.

We are back again with our favorite things. HERS 1.  Who forgot to give me the memo on wontons?  Seriously….I found some frozen ones on sale and have been addicted ever since.

2.  Ohhh Armani Code, I just want to thank you for all of the compliments I get.  I can’t even describe the smell other than to say it is very unique and not too sweet.  Plus it gets Tim’s smelling sensors going into overdrive….he’s like a honeybee and I am that giant-sweet-smelling hive.

3.  My friend Simone introduced me to the Fit Bit brand and now I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Flex.  It tracks your steps, calories burned, even your sleep.  I am buying it with the excuse that I need it to keep my resolutions alive.

4.  You probably already know the Mint Green is coming on strong in the fashion department.  This is my favorite nailpolish right now so you can just call me trendy….or something.

5.  Does anyone remember Susan Powter?  Okay, so she may be a little crazy….or a little more than a little.  She is still the only one who keeps me motivated to work out.  Even if I have to stomp around to a VHS.

6.  Here is where I declare my love for the blog A Beautiful Mess.  From good eats to cute clothes to crafty projects the girls have a lot to offer, and the photos are gorgeous.  I get lost in their beautiful web for hours upon hours. his 1.  Lately our big dog has decided it was a great idea to bark.  After eleven years of being a non-barker, we now have a noise maker.  I blame the little dog.  To keep them both in line we bought a PetSafe bark controller.  I call it our magic machine these days.

2.  For my birthday Christina took me to the Melting Pot, it has become “our spot” for special occasions.  We love the Boston Lager Cheese Fondue and the Gorgonzola Port on a great steak.  Plus I get to cook it just how I like it, raw.  Christina said I have to mention the salad, something about God coming down and making it himself.

3.  If you follow us, then you know any day now we are expecting a baby shark.  I am pumped.

4.  Say hello to my new favorite snack.  I munch on these all night because they keep me full and cure my salty-sweet craving.  Too bad I go through a whole jar a night, I wish I were kidding.

5.  We have been working feverishly on organizing the basements and these shelves have been a life saver.  They are adjustable and only took about an hour to fully assemble.  Some of our other shelves take all day to put together and they aren’t very sturdy.  Feels good to give everything a home.

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Written by Christina and Tim

7 thoughts on “His and Hers – January Favorites

    1. Christina Post author

      Yea, I am not too into the sweet smells, I like more sultry…I also love Fredricks of Hollywoods perfume. Those are my two go-to’s. Although my Birchbox has been sending me perfume samples so I have really been breaking the mold!!!

      Hope you like it!!!

    2. Christina Post author

      And ps….I try to comment on your blog like all the dang time. But I am a dummy and can’t figure out my wordpress login information (I am not tech savvy at all) so I need to get on figuring it out! But your blog is great 🙂 just thought you should know.

  1. junglefrog

    Yay!!! You ordered the flex! Is it out yet? When you get it we can friend each other on the Fitbit website and do little competition on who moves the most each day! Haha. I’m loving my one. It’s quite addictive I have to say. When I don’t meet my goal of 10.000 steps each day I come up with all sort of ideas to move a little more or walk here or there. So far I am hitting my goal most days and have lost some pounds in the process too! Let me know when you get yours! I might – at some point – get a flex too but it seems a bit excessive to get one now as I have my little one which is working perfectly. But I think the flex is easier as you can wear it always…

    1. Christina Post author

      It comes out in the spring (not sure when that means) I will say though I worry because it is on your wrist of how accurate it might be? I feel like your arms move a lot more than say wearing the FitBit One on your waist. We shall see! I will let you know when I get it!!!

      I am scared to see how little I move (I sit at a desk ALL DAY LONG) and then come home and blog….it could be very scary how little I move hahaha!!!!

  2. victoriavm

    Thanks for the info on this bark controller! One of our dogs just recently started barking too, and I just ordered one of these to try it. How are you liking it still?

    1. Christina Post author

      We like it, it has helped….probably not as much as we wish it would because there is still some barking. But when a dog has gotta go a dog has gotta go 🙂


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