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Ahhhh Friday….it is so nice to see you again.  Next time don’t wait so long to visit, kapeesh.

Hope you all have some weekend plans, Tim and I are crossing our fingers that we will be able to check “find venue” off the wedding planning list.  Then pondering why I have such a weak spot for personified animals.  I realized while rounding up my favorites for this Friday post that I am always drawn to funny animals that look like people.  Maybe I felt jipped that I never had a “dogs playing poker” print growing up.  Or maybe I am just weird.  Either way, these whimsical people-mals are some of my favorites. cocktail-zoo Seriously, Coco de Paris at Cocktail Zoo has a real way of giving those guys their own unique personalities….there are even little biographies on each one.  Adorable.  Wonder if they do custom work.  Can’t you see Taj surfing waves or Asti laying on a chaise eating bagel bites, or something.

I found so many other fancy and fun things this week…check it. design-fest-salmon-tacos Tell me that Salmon Tacos don’t sound like the tastiest thing I’ve never made.  Maybe I will get brave this weekend and attempt to make Bri’s version.  I feel like topped with the Mango Salsa it will be a flavor explosion in the best possible way. eighteen-25-colorful-fire-pit Have you ever seen a fire pit as fun as Nora’s colorful masterpiece.  It makes me want to step out of the box in all design decisions.  Tim and I have tried to embrace color in our lives, so I am nineteen percent sure I could totally talk him into this. apartment-therapy-tin-can-windowsill-garden Be still my heart.  I am kind of in love with these vintage colorful tins that I found on Apartment Therapy.  I want them lining all of my windowsills, and I really want a little watering fairy so they don’t all die.  Who do I talk to about making that happen. blonde-abroad-love-story Ok, if you do anything….in your life….click this link and read Kiersten’s story about the boy that wrote a song for her.  Then he did what most guys do, performed it in front of thousands of fans.  Seriously, this girl is living a real life fairytale.  Tim better bust his guitar out with a quickness.

Have you ever had a song written about you?
Got any fun plans for the weekend, do tell.
Think we will pick our wedding venue this weekend?


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Written by Christina and Tim

4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites….eight nine

    1. Christina Post author

      I know right! I would have never thought to take spray paint to concrete. I also saw really cute painted pavers over at A Beautiful Mess.

  1. Jordan@the2seasons

    Oh my goodness I am loving this cocktail zoo. So fun and the firepit is a lot cheerier than the one in our backyard. Slowly getting my act together after Haven. Just wish I had more swedish fish to get me through the afternoon. So fun meeting you!


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