The nicest thing a boy has ever done for me.....

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Recently my dad asked if I would like to have my train set from when I was knee-high to a grasshopper.  Is that even a question?

Of course I wanted it.  I have lots of memories of laying in front on the train watching it go round and round.  And derailments…I had a thing for crashes.

Call me nostalgic, but I wanted this train under our tree bad.  Which explains why even after he told me about the severe water damage and that it might not even run I just smiled and said, “Oh it is totally fine…I love water damage”.

Do you feel my senti-mental-ness yet?

When my pops finally dropped my piece’o childhood off I realized it wasn’t as shiny as I remembered.  It was in pretty bad shape.

Tim saw how my eyes twinkled when I reminisced about my little girl memories.
So he did something crazy.

He pulled every nail out to remove the old-as-me track, striped the board, sanded, sealed, recovered, glued down cork, cleaned the track, nailed a million little holes into a new track, built a bridge, bought a building, and generally got our train in tip-top shape.  What a guy.

He brought my childhood back to life…cue the tears.

We decided on a new little tradition too.  We are going to buy a building for our “train town” every year.  This year we bought a train station, because we can’t have our townspeople just jumping on moving trains you know.  We write the year and a little note on the building so when we are old and senile we can reminisce on the labors of our little town.

I can’t believe the train that I played with as a baby is now up and running and terrorizing our dogs.  Need proof…here it is.

Did you have a childhood train set?  Any nostalgia going on in your home?  Tell me your holiday stories, I am a sucker for holiday memories.

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Written by Christina and Tim

12 thoughts on “The nicest thing a boy has ever done for me…

    1. Christina Post author

      Thats what he said too! He was all, “please stop posting about nice things I do or I will have to start hogging more blankets and spiting in your dinner to even it out”. I am just trying to show my appreciation for all the hard work he does….and balance out the nagging hahaha!!!!

      1. Shelly

        Ha! I literally laughed out loud after reading that post…too funny! I love stuff that brings back old childhood memories. I have sentimental stuff like that from my Mom. I have her real glass ornaments from her childhood tree. I will not even put them on the tree because I’m terrified they will crumble.

        I love the nifty tradition of buying a new building each year for your little town, very inspiring. I want to do a similar Christmas tradition with Sam Sam too…that way he can look back and remember how awesome of a MOM I was – lol! Unfortunately, I am a procrastinator…

        1. Christina Post author

          I love all the family heirlooms too….I am with you I get so nervous putting out my great gramma’s nativity set because it is ANCIENT!!! When there are chittlins runnin around I think that will be somewhere much safer!

          I keep thinking about how exciting it will be in like ten years when we have a whole town haha. Tim is actually really smart for coming up with that…because I would max out my credit card this year making a town hahaha!!!! Those buildings are not cheap!

  1. Annie

    That’s pretty cool! My godparents had a really elaborate train set for their son that I was always really, really jealous of. Like, really jealous.


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