The big box reveal....

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I showed off all of our estate sale treasures yesterday and at the end of the post I left you with this picture. remember-this-game-from-yesterday I told you that it was our splurge of the weekend even though we got it for 40% of the original asking price.  We visited the estate sale on Saturday and I immediately fell in love with a few of the pieces in the collection…I asked if they would part it out and explained that they were just what we were looking for to use as wedding centerpieces.  They turned us down on Saturday but suggested we come back on Sunday.

We of course came back because there were a ton of vintage Tupperware pieces I had my eyes on and of course I had to know if we would get lucky and talk them into selling us their collection.  When we first showed up on Sunday I searched high and low for that big box, and it was nowhere to be found.  Heart equals broken.  Luckily, the owners recognized us (I may have acted a teensy bit crazy the day before over all those wooden spools and vintage tins) and asked if we were still interested.

We were prepared to get down on our knees and beg them to part it out.  We were even ready to buy the whole collection if we could get it at the right price.  And get it at the right price we did, the owner immediately gave us a number that we pounced on.  Looking back I think they just thought it was sweet that we wanted to use their collection in our wedding, or maybe they just didn’t want to lug that box around anymore….who knows.

Are you dying to know what is in that dang box now?  Did I mention I am slightly obsessed with old tins?  I did didn’t I.  Well, those tins can come in this form too… here-is-what-was-in-that-box Yes, we are now the proud owners of 278 tin cans.  Holler.  In case you are wondering, the Whistle can I am holding was the can I fell head over heels for.  We have quite a variety, most I have never even heard of.  some-of-our-vintage-can-collection For the wedding (yes I am giving it all away) we are going to display all the old beer tins at the bar.  These guys are going to make their way into the centerpieces. we-are-using-cans-in-the-wedding Please someone let me put my head on their shoulder and tell me I am not the only one who would get excited for this.  When I look at some of the really old cans, which by the way are heavy as heck, I feel like I have a little piece of history.  Cheesy?  Don’t care.  I bet the original owner would be happy to know that I am already begging Tim to let me build a display wall for all 278 tins.

Do you have any strange collections?
Recognize any of those old cans?
Dare you to drink one of the unopened Weight Watchers.


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Written by Christina and Tim

14 thoughts on “The big box reveal….

  1. Janelle

    CHRISTINA!!!!! I LOVE these!!!!! Coolest purchase ever! I’m so jealous so now I want to fly to STL just to help you build that display wall and admire each and every one of those 278 pieces of art. I mean, I’d be useless with the actual building except for cheering Tim (and you?) on but it’d be fun anyway!

    I can’t wait to see what you do with these for centerpieces! Seriously. Hands down. You guys are the coolest people ever. I am so lucky that you even know my name. I bow to you! And curtsy, because those are hilarious.

        1. Christina Post author

          Oh you betcha haha…

          No we would have used them regardless but I was hoping people didn’t think I was too enthusiastic for some dang cans. I don’t want that “crazy can lady” title just yet.

  2. morgan

    these are SICK I love them! I am honestly surprised they gave you a hard time on the price- this seems like something grandkids would give granny a hard time about “hoarding” and just want to be gone with them.
    they look to be in great condition which is awesome!!!

    1. Christina Post author

      Yea, they really wanted to sell the whole set was the issue. At first I just wanted to buy like 4 or 5 and I think they realized if they didn’t sell the whole set they would be left with a bunch of boring old cans haha. It was so nice of them to sort of hide them on Sunday until we got there and in the end they gave us a great deal 🙂

  3. Kal

    I. Died. I would love to steal these from you! I have a tin/box/crate hoarding problem. Big time. haha. These are glorious, I cannot wait to see how cute they are in your wedding- second prettiest thing there 😉


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