Why we are estate sale addicts now...

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I have always loved a good garage sale.  The thrill of the hunt, the adrenaline of scoring a deal.  Lots of people have told me that I should try estate sales, but the whole concept sort of freaked me out.  Creeping through the junk of someone who has recently passed seemed a little intrusive.  Now though, now I see the light.  These people need me to snag onto their treasures, so they don’t wind up in a cold, wet, dark basement.

We bought so much stuff.  Seriously, I am not sure if this estate sale was just a rare gem full of things I didn’t even know I would love….or if they are all just that good.  I am really hoping for the later.  Just look at some of these goods, while keeping in mind that we are leaning hard on a “hometown fair” theme for the wedding. the-complete-guide-to-DIY our-treasures I loved some of the old tins so much that I worked them into the mantle.  Now when I walk by I stare just a little too long, which makes Tim think I am having a stroke or something.  Nope, just admiring old beauty.  I have a mild obsession with these old tins now, is there a rehab for that? treasures-that-made-it-to-the-firplace details-of-my-sweet-antique-tin-mantal Just for some hump day fun…I want to play a game.  Our biggest purchase was this box.  We fell in love on Saturday, and came back on Sunday to see if we could score a deal…and boy did we. a-guessing-game So what do you think is in the box?  Let’s play twenty questions, ask me anything to help you get to your final guess.  This should be fun, this is fun right.

What was your best sale find?
Do you prefer garage sales or estate sales?
What do you think is in that dang box?

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Written by Christina and Tim

17 thoughts on “Why we are estate sale addicts now…

  1. Janelle

    What an awesome start! But OMG WHY do you do this to meee?!?!? Okay okay I’ll play along 🙂 I really hope it’s an old-tv-turned-fish-tank (I always wanted to have one) but… is it made of wood? Is it a ferris wheel cupcake holder? Because you need one of those. IS IT GOLD?! haha (PS – are you getting the new iPhone in gold?? ha!) Is it parts for a kissing booth?

    1. Christina Post author

      Soooo funny we actually saw an old tv console and Tim begged me to let him turn it into a fish tank! If we only had a big ol truck to haul it home!!!!

      I knew you would love this game 🙂

      It is not wooden, not a cupcake holder but holy cow if you see one of those let me know!!!! It is lots of colors, some gold for sure. Probably wont make it into the photo/kissing booth but it could!

      And if someone is buying me that iPhone then I will take it!!!!

      1. Janelle

        Okay darling, when I strike it rich, I’ll buy you that gold iPhone 🙂

        Google “ferris wheel cupcake holder.” There are many. They are delightful. You could put anything on them, not just cupcakes!

        The box: hats? old time accordion fans? glasses? music boxes? Timothy’s twin brother for me to marry?

  2. Kris Reynolds

    These are fun!!

    Is it glass? Is there more than one of the same item, or are there pieces that make up a whole item?

  3. Shelly

    I have always wanted to go to an estate sale but my husband looks at me like I’m crazy when I mention it because we already have enough junk – lol! I get weekly emails from estatesales.net about all the local listings, but I’ve never gone to one. Was it exciting? Do you have any tips?

    1. Christina Post author

      Girl….you NEED to go! It was so awesome, I reaaaalllly hope they are all like that. Tim is also afraid of our junk pile growing haha. Oh well, I will get a storage shed if I have to!!!!!

  4. Jess

    This really makes me want to go to an estate sale!! Lets see…do you plug it in? Is it made of glass? Does it belong inside or outside??

  5. Denise

    I shared this post on the “Ladies Only Blog Share, Plus One Event”. It’s a linky thing and we were asked to post a blog from someone else as well. Just FYI.


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