Friday Favorites...two one

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Oh man, normally I look forward to the weekends.
But this one has me nervous.

It’s my little sisters 21st birthday celebration.
I am not as young as I once was y’all.
Wish me luck.

Before I embark on this adventure that may be the death of me, I want to share some of the best things on the world-wide web. MAKE YOUR FRUIT EVEN SWEETER How sickingly sweet are those stickers?  Tim and I have been eating more fruit and veggies lately thanks to Fruit My Cube and I gotta say…coughTIMcough I would be so thrilled to find a little love note on my grapes.

I think they would be so cute if you have kiddos too.  My mom and dad were always leaving little notes in my lunch, and you know what…I still have them.  Little things people, it’s all about the little things. that looks easy I am so obsessed with this cake from Serena.  It is so perfectly unfussy, and it has such character.  She gives a really good tutorial on how to make a cake just like hers and it is so simple I think even I can do it.  I love that she embraces any mistakes you make while frosting…makes you feel like less of a failure when it just comes out as a pink blob.  Everything I touch turns to goo.

Now get your scrolling finger ready.  I stumbled on the Life in Five Seconds.
Ch-ch-ch-ch-check, check it out.

speed timelines I know, that was a long scroll.  But hilarious right?
I ordered the book and can’t wait to get a full on biography lesson.

What did you find out there this week?

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Written by Christina and Tim

6 thoughts on “Friday Favorites…two one

  1. Janelle

    I am crazy over those fruit stickers and that your city has Fruit My Cube. Jealous! I think I must go petition our farmers market to deliver to local businesses. You are awesome/adorable. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Christina Post author

      I know….Fruit my Cube is basically the best thing that has happened to me this year! More local farmers need to get on that train, I think most people want to buy local and WANT to eat healthier…it’s just not as convienant as the alternative ya know!

      Yet again, another reason you need to hightail it to the Lou hahahahaha


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