A whole lot of randomness...

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So for some reason I just want to tell you all stuff.
Stuff that doesn’t make sense together.

Stuff that has been on my mind.

Let her rip.

–  Is anyone else so ready for more daylight?  I can’t imagine how Ana White does it in Alaska.  If you’ve noticed a lacking of projects around these parts it’s not because we just gave up on our house…I just haven’t mastered artificial light.  Have you seen these yet?  In other news….I am as pasty as Elmers.

–  You know how people are afraid of spiders and snakes?  I am totally freaked by worms and deer.  I hit a deer once and have been terrified to drive at night ever since…see number one…aha moment.  Deer are popping up everywhere and sending me into full fledged panic attacks….you know the kind where you curl up in the fetal position and crave Cheetos.  Worms give me the heebie-jeebies, one of my cousins friends used to throw them at me when I was a youngster.  Can we say scarred for life, thanks dude.  Last night there was a girl on tv who eats worms…I don’t judge but what-the-what.

–  Have you ever read a book that rocked you to your core?  I don;t exercise my core so that could be the problem but  I recently read the book One Second After, and had an awakening that T and I are completely unprepared for any type of disaster.  Luckily, being reef keepers and all we are pretty well set with water and sushi.  Kidding of course….but if it hits the fan Hotel Gray will be open for business.

–  I am trying to go a whole year without soda.  You read that right….a whole year.  You need to know though that I typically drink about 4 sodas a day, and if we go out to eat you can double that.  I also have a strong disdain for coffee and tea so it is my only source of caffeine.  Can you imagine how cranky I am….poor boytoy.  Plus side, I am down five pounds.

–  I found out last night that I am allergic to pears….on top of cherries and apples.  It’s a sad, sad day.  Guess I’m sticking with broccoli.

–  The “rapper” Drake will always be the boy who took a bullet on Degrassi to me.  I get that you took a bullet, but I still will never see you as gangster.  YOLO.

–  Tim bought a gigantic bag of walnuts on Christmas….he has yet to eat them.  You wanna know why?  Because he can’t find a nutcracker….so I bought him one.  He still has yet to touch the nuts or the nut cracker.  I wrote that whole story just so I could say “touch the nuts” and I am sorry mom.

–  Remember watching Wayne’s World when you were knee-high to a you know….if you haven’t watched it since then you need to bust that VHS out.  It is so much funnier now that you actually get the jokes.  Party on Wayne.

–  Tim’s birthday is next Tuesday….I am not prepared.

–  I love getting comments.

Reread that last one and hook a sister up!
They make me as giddy as Mr. Ed.
Giddy-up now. eat yo nuts


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Written by Christina and Tim

18 thoughts on “A whole lot of randomness…

  1. Julie

    Great Job on the 5 pounds! Trying to be healthier myself. But it is very hard when it’s already dark when you get home. All I want to do is lay on the couch an eat, LOL.

    1. Christina Post author

      Right exactly! Who wants to go walk or something when it’s freezing and dark out?!?!?! No one…thats who.

      The hardest part is not late night snacking….that will be the end of me 🙂

      1. Julie

        Oh I am right there with ya. I will do awesome all day and then the late evening comes and I’m like a raccoon digging in the pantry and fridge. I have started going upstairs so if I really want to eat I have to come down stairs. And I’m way to lazy for that. LOL.

        1. Christina Post author

          Hahahaha oh my gosh…meeee toooo! I like the racoon reference 🙂

          That is def the hardest part for me, night time. Thats when all the food starts talking to me.

          Little cupcakes: “why did you buy me if you aren’t going to eat me”
          Doritos: “Nacho cheese….it’s what you crave”
          Salad and fruit: “Move along, nothing to see here”

  2. Janelle

    High five for cutting out soda! I used to hate water and grew to love it a few years ago. That whole “I like it, I love it, I want some more of it” is how I feel about water now 😉

    Your food allergies are not very fun, especially since those are commonly found in the “healthy” desserts. Of course, now you get to go straight for the chocolate! 🙂

    For the future I request more random-thought posts! Brilliant.

    1. Christina Post author

      Janelle…I have said it before and I will say it again….I like the way you think.

      Chocolate for everyone 🙂

      Chocolate and ice-water, yummmmm

  3. Brad @ Mr. Write Away

    I saw Wayne’s World the other day and you’re right, much more hilarious this time around. As for Tim’s nuts… are you allergic? Maybe you could help him with those for his birthday? I’m referring to the picture posted above so that wasn’t inappropriate at all.

    1. Christina Post author

      BHHHHAHAHHAHAHA everyone at work is looking at me like a fool for the snort-laugh I just let out.

      Imma chow down on those nuts if he doesn’t dig in soon haha

  4. Christina @ floridays mom

    Haha. I LOVE your randomness. I’ll shoot some back at ya… Pretty much just because I’m too lazy to ‘post’ my own and I’d like to kindly offer a comment to you. 🙂

    1. I hate snakes the way you hate deer and worms.. I could be mdicated for it, it’s quite debilitating.
    2. On my blog stats, at least once a day one of the ‘search terms’ used to find me is ‘big mom and boy’. It REALLY freaks me out.
    3. Purge the Wayne’s World movie VHS and break out the old SNL skits… They are a million times more hilarious.
    4. kudos on the 5lbs, I’m up 5. Ugh!
    5. It’s 85 degrees and sunny like a summer day here. I know most people would kill for it, but I own boots and have only been able to wear them once this year.

    1. Christina Post author

      1. Debilitating…great word. You are quite the linguistic folk.
      2. Okay….creepy….makes you wonder what they are REALLY looking for! I got “is YHL john gay” the other day. It kind of upset me and I don’t even know how that relates to anything I’ve ever written!
      3. Old SNL is infinately better than new SNL…unless J. Timbo-lake is on.
      4. Im technically up 30….so I call it a bust.
      5. Boots with the fur? Please say they have fur hahaaha

      I’m jealous of your weather!!!

  5. Kal

    You don’t like coffee??? Butbutbutbut why not….? Hmm. I may have to stop reading now 😉 J/k- and you are a stronger woman than I am. Gotta have my Diet Dr. Peppers. I’ll be a cheerleader for ya though. Haha.

    I hate snakes. Gigantic worms= ew… Hate and fear them. I had to kill a rattlesnake with a shovel once. It was… um… I need to call my therapist… 😉

    1. Christina Post author

      I feel like I may have a new found resoect for coffee once kiddos are roaming our range! I did actually enjoy the smell of it brewing today at the office which was totally unexpected and I even had the thought, “maybe I should give it another try” but then I just laughed at myself. Ohhhhh diet Dr. Pepper how I looong for thee 😉

      With. A. Shovel. (blank stare) you are my hero!!!!

  6. maggie

    Congrats on giving up Soda! I call that stuff liquid satan, there is NOTHING in it that your body needs! But don’t think that I’m perfect, if I’m eating pizza or wings and I can’t have a beer I HAVE to have a coke. But I only eat wings and pizza every other month or so, I figure six cokes a year won’t kill me 🙂

    1. Christina Post author

      Hahahaha…I am right there with you. Soda brings nothing to my life but for some reason I drink it mindlessly.

      Mmmmm pizza and wings…and beer 🙂 That sounds delish!

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