I dare you not to be impressed....

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Maybe it’s because I just watched Pitch Perfect, or maybe I’m just a sucker for a capella.  Or possibly I just wanted an excuse to listen to some T. Swift without my boyfran-man fussing.  Hint:  It’s all of the above.

I feel like you absolutely need to see this.
Try not to sing along….go ahead try.

You’ve been challenged.

Even if you don’t like the original song, just veg out for the next couple minutes.
Then daydream about starting a band….I’ll be in it with you.

We could be famous.

If you think that is “kinda neato” you should she what they can do with instruments. The kids from Walk off the Earth are seriously skilled.
A warning:  once you start you might as well consider yourself in marathon territory.  It is a serious time-sucker. They cover everything from the Beatles to Lady Gaga, and here is the time-consuming part….you watch every video completely because they are always throwing in surprises.  Like “ohhhh I had so idea he could play the standing bass” “is that the same person” and “wait when did they switch places” oh and let’s not forget “where did that flying ukulele come from”.  Consider yourself warned. Here is the video that is making them famous.The best news is…they are finally releasing original videos.
And they are just as good. I’ll leave you with the best multi-tasking I have seen all year.Is anyone else as jealous of all this talent as I am?

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Written by Christina and Tim

11 thoughts on “I dare you not to be impressed….

  1. Laura

    I love these guys! Their EP (of original songs) R.E.V.O. is fantastic, I’m eagerly awaiting something full length because four songs just isn’t enough.

    1. Christina Post author

      Right! And their videos are so awesome….I love that they are all so different but unique to their “brand”.

      I am kind of obsessed with them these days 🙂

  2. Janelle

    I’ve said a million times that if I came across a genie and got three wishes, one of them would be the ability to sing. I’m not even asking to be hot, stylish, and play a ton of instruments like these guys! They are incredibly talented. I hope more people like this get attention over those folks who get popular but can only sing because they’ve been produced in a studio and their songs are pieced together.

    Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Christina Post author

      Thats interesting…I’d wish to be able to time travel!

      I agree…whoever invented autotune should be forced in a room listening to chalkboard scratching for at least five years 😉

    1. Christina Post author

      Hahahaa…I would do like a booyah in your face or something but instead Ill just say, “arent they awesome?!?!?! I mean because I am not all crazy like that haha.


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