Give your Gramma mad props....

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Now that we are all coming back from our sugar cookie comas and starting to really bust into some of those awesome gifts you received – hello new pots and pans – it is time to show your gratitude.

I will never get tired of snail mail.

It just seems so much more personal and genuine.
Please don’t text your Aunt Dorothy your “thank-yous”.

Instead, give her some sass and sparkle.
Here are my favorite ways to show your appreciation. merci gratzi gracious 1234567891011121314

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Written by Christina and Tim

2 thoughts on “Give your Gramma mad props….

  1. junglefrog

    Those are lovely indeed! I love snail mail too. It does seem a little more personal then those emails. Even though I love getting those too…:) that last one is too cute!


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