Bathroom Update: Our rookie mistake.....

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Did you know we were smack dab in the middle of a bathroom remodel?  We tore into it on a whim one night, and excitedly tackled the rebuild.  Then we reminded you that we hadn’t given up and now I am here to tell you why.

Tile.  Tile is why our progress has stalled.

At first we couldn’t agree on tile, and then we couldn’t afford it.

Then we decided to focus our attention on the outside of our house while we saved our pennies.  We are still saving by the way, but at least there is a clear winner in the tile department and that gives us a goal to shoot for.  We are now taking donations, kidding of course…but if you know Mr. Trump maybe send him this link.

At least we have learned from our rookie mistake.  Set a budget BEFORE you start a project and don’t start it until you know you got those materials on lock down.

Luckily, T’s dad keeps us motivated when he surprises us by swinging by and Red Guarding our shower. who wants to buy us some bathroom tile Now we really are just waiting on that tile.  Any day now.  I promise.

Have you ever had a project stall out?
Do you have expensive tile taste?
Wanna come tile a bathroom with us?

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Written by Christina and Tim

20 thoughts on “Bathroom Update: Our rookie mistake…..

  1. Shelly

    I was wondering what happened with your bathroom…I started to think I missed the reveal all together, lol! But don’t worry, I know the feeling of a stalled project too. We started installing white six panel doors in our house last year because we have those old ugly hollow brown doors, and because Mike accidently put a hole in our basement door. So we got two doors up in the kitchen….and that was it, lol! I’m not sure why we have procrastinated on this project (because we have the money) but we still only have two white doors and the rest are the old brown ones. I told the hubs once I start painting the baby’s room (that’s another dilemma I’m having right now) he was going to be on door duty again….crossing my fingers it actually happens this time…

    1. Christina Post author

      Hahaha it’s funny how once it is off your radar it goes WAYYYYY off your radar! I mean I hadn’t really thought about the bathroom (except when Tim is hogging the bathroom and I gots to go) until his dad came and Red Guarded it. Now I am back in bathroom mode for sure.

  2. stldenise

    Haven’t gutted a bathroom yet, but we’ve thought about it. Our patio redo was an adventure…Rick did the whole thing himself and took all summer. Nice muscles at the end of that job!

    1. Christina Post author

      Hahaha that’s funny! We’ve been working on our backyard the last few weekends and T swears it’s because I am trying to beef him up 🙂

      Do you have pictures of your patio up on your blog?

  3. Janelle

    I’m pretty good at baking cookies. That’s about all I can offer. haha. It’ll come together! Thanks for the update! I am still stumped on your outdoor projects (grr!) so hopefully you guys wrap those up before my mind goes nutso 😉

    1. Christina Post author

      I am hoping for next week…lots of reveals 🙂

      I like chocolate chip, peanut butter, oatmeal raisen, ummmm I pretty much like them all hahaha!!!

  4. Leetah

    Are you two on heavy doses of adderall or caffeine? Or simply powered by love?? I just need to know where you get the natural energy. I’m envious. And excited to see the new project.

    1. Christina Post author

      Ohhhh pshhhh I WISH! We do most of our projects on weekends, and we have two very handy fathers that like to help. Five hour energy’s don’t hurt either 🙂

  5. cherrow414

    I’d be up for a tiling exchange student program- I’ll come to St Louis to help tile your bathroom and you can come to Chicago and help tile my kitchen backsplash. And Janelle can bring cookies to both!

  6. Our Wolf Den

    It took my hubby and I almost a year to finish our master bathroom. So I know what you mean. We didn’t set a budget; we did all the work ourselves and kept changing the plan. For example when went and bought everything then during demo decided to knock a wall out and expand the bathroom. Now we needed a two sink vanity instead of a one and we didn’t have near enough tiles to cover the floors. You live and learn.

    1. Christina Post author

      Ohhhh yes….and isn’t it funny when expanding sounds like a great idea and then you realize later now you have a WHOLE LOT more tile to buy!

      Glad to hear there is light at the end of the tunnel 🙂

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