Our new Kole Tang...

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We have a new little neighbor in our tank these days. coon He is seriously the sweetest fish.
He blended right in with our existing fish like he was Mr. Rogers or something.  Maybe he whistles, or maybe he brought a peace-offering.

I wish more of our fish would blend that seamlessly.

We waited a while to name thing little guy, he had a pretty bad case of ich.
Now that we have had the pleasure of knowing him for a couple of weeks we have decided that he needs an official name.  Barring any “fish bragging curses” we have declared our Kole Tang’s name to be ‘Coon’.

Don’t get all fussy, there are no double meanings there.  It’s just the whole ring-around-his-eyes thing and the I-am-really-sneaky-hiding-behind-these-rocks-we-can-pretend-are-trash-cans thing.

Well, that and this.

What can I say…sometimes I am hopelessly literal.

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Written by Christina and Tim

3 thoughts on “Our new Kole Tang…

  1. christinakelly233018943

    Hello Coon…pleasure to meet you!
    Total random side note about Mr. Rogers.. I had a college class with man who was significantly older than the rest of the class and his gray hair totally stood out with all us barely legals. There was a rumor he was the son of Mr. Rogers but we all blew it off and never actually got the nerve to ask him. Sure enough about a year later, I was at the movie theater and who walked in but my old classmate and with him..the iconic Mister Rogers!! I couldn’t believe it! Ha! Won’t you be my neighbor! 🙂

    1. Christina Post author

      Ohhhhhh my gawh…..I would be speechless if I ever saw Mister Rogers!!! He was like…my whole childhood 🙂

      How awesome, you were sitting next to the son of a legend haha!


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