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Everyone loves a free download.
Everyone loves a throwback quote.
Can I get an Amen. free download If you’ve followed for a while, you know I have a giant frame wall lurking on my to-do list.  It has only been at the top of the list for about eight months.  It is one of those tasks that I am terrified to start, because in my head it looks amazing but what if on the wall it just looks amazingly awful.

So I make excuses.  We don’t have enough frames.  The bathroom renovation will surely knock the frames off the wall.  We have to cover the return vent first.  I can’t find art I like.  Yada, yada, yada.

The remedy:  I have started making my own frame wall art.  Well, little miss little miss little miss can’t be wrong.  ‘Member that catchy little tune?  How about Matchbox 20, do you remember them?  Me too. matchbox20 quote free download I still love that song.  Sorry if it is stuck in your head now, but feel free to sing it all day.  I know I will be.

You can sing it on our Facebook page and I will get in on the karaoke session with you.  Or holler on Twitter and we can sing in rounds.

All of the downloads are 8 x 10 files.
Just pick your favorite color and put it in the comments and we will send you the file.  Make sure you leave your email, and feel free to grab multiple colors.

Then sing all night long…all night….all night.

If you like the download, you can gain my undying love by pinning it.  I’ll give you my first-born for sharing it on Facebook.

Obviously kidding, sort of, but sharing is caring my friends.

Funny Karma Story:  Yesterday I was talking to a friend about making mix tapes for an upcoming road trip.  I told her I could listen to anything but Nickelback, because Nickelback makes me cringe.  That same friend also gave me instructions last night on how to offer free downloads to readers (so go thank her).  Which allowed me to share the print above, the one that has been on my computer since February.  That same friend has also pointed out, this quote is not a Matchbox 20 song.  It’s a Chad Kroger song….it’s a Nickelback song.  Is this my life?  Apparently, I don’t hate Nickelback as much as I thought since I am memorializing them all over my frame wall and the internet.  Say a prayer for me, I’ve entered full on depression mode.

Oh the shame.

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Written by Christina and Tim

17 thoughts on “Free Download….

  1. Trisha D.

    Sadly, I don’t think I’ve heard the song. Tried googling it and it came up with Chad Kroger and well anything NB (the name is banned from or house) makes my ears bleed. I’m probably missing the ball.

    Either way, love the lyric line and the colors and the freebie!

    Question, do you send them to a printer or use vinyl our print from home?

    1. Christina Post author

      Oh my gosh….Did I seriously quote Nickelback? You are sending me into a Google panic machine hahaha…especially after what I JUST told you yesterday hahaha!

      I send them to a printer. If it is just for our mantel or seasonal or a card then I just print from home. But for the frame wall I have been sending them to a printer. It’s pretty cheap and looks WAY better than my little ol’ printer can do.

      1. Trisha D.

        To your defense I think Santana was the original artist, Chad just snuck in there (don’t worry I got your back).
        I love local printers, they’re the best!

        1. Christina Post author

          And I love Santana! Ok, I am not SOOOO mortified now haha

          I just can’t believe the irony…that I was literally telling you yesterday how much I hate them haha!!! And here I am singing their song all day!!! Way to do my research huh! I am just so thankful you pointed it out 🙂

  2. Janelle

    I was not a Nickelback fan until I saw them live. They seem like pretty cool people so I could roll with that. Anywho, I don’t know the Nickelback version of that song, just the one by The Calling… if that makes you feel any better 🙂

    matchbox twenty is my absolute FAVORITE band and they released a new album in September so it’s not like they’re dead. I’m seeing them and the Goo Goo Dolls this summer and I am so pumped!! GGD… now there’s a throwback 😉 They also have a new album!

    I love you and that you’re willing to admit when you have a “d’oh!” moment. So cute. No wonder Tim finds you to be so adorable 🙂

    Also, frame wall. Dang girl. Get on that shizz already! Invite a friend or two over for reinforcement and just say “we’re doing this!” I promise you will be in love with it. Like pet the walls, take a million pictures, over the moon in love.

    1. Christina Post author

      Hahaha…I am not sure what about Nickelback irritates me. I just never really liked them (or so I thought!)

      Ohhhh Goo Goo Dolls, I am jealous!!! That will be so fun. I love that all these great bands are still making albums!

      I know, I know (head is hanging) JANELLE I need you to fly to Missouri and help me with this dang frame wall! Bring frames hahaha

        1. Janelle

          Oh and after that, you’d have to fly (or beam) to PA to assist with my lack of curtain-age. Dem windows be bare, as you know. It’s like a DIY exchange program!

          1. Christina Post author

            Girl….did you SEE the curtains I made? Trust me, you don’t want my help in that area!!!

            How about painting, painting I can do!

  3. Bri

    Can I has a couple colors? I want to make a frame wall too but I can’t choose a color! I love that line of the song, even though I hate NB. lol Can I have that coral color, yellow and green? Thanksss! =)

          1. Christina Post author

            Well, there’s not much to see….lots of corn fields 🙂

            I am just so overwhelmed by such a big wall and empty frames!!!

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