Fajita eats shrimp....a shark update

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Our little shark Fajita has grown like a weed.

Probably because I fix him up a big shrimp cocktail every other night.

Christina always says it looks like I am giving the shrimp a dip in a hot tub, to bad I follow it up with slicing the shrimp in pieces.  Loses the relaxing vibe, eh? a shrimp hot tub for our shark I finally have Fajita eating straight from my hands, which will come in handy once he is over three feet.  I still usually use an extension rod to feed him, since I am quite partial to my fingers.

In fact, at the beginning, he got a little rowdy and took a nip at me.

Please disregard our awesome basement complete with lots of 2×4’s and little boy racecar curtains.

See how our shrimp is hitching a ride on the shark? our shark fajita Bet ya didn’t know he is actually picking his brethren out of Fajita’s gills to get a late night snack.  You little cannibal you.

How long do you think before I lose a finger?
Think a shrimp fajita sounds tasty?
Want to buy some racecar curtains?

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Written by Christina and Tim

6 thoughts on “Fajita eats shrimp….a shark update

    1. Christina

      Hahaha….he is probably six inches now. Maybe a little longer.

      We “technically” have four tanks and a sump (a sump is all of your filtration so it is like a tank but not pretty AT ALL hahaha). We have the big one in the dining room, my small nano in the office, the shark/clown fish/frag tank, and then our “fingers crossed” baby clown fish tank which will hopefully get some use sometime soon! We are planning a post about our basement setup….but it is a little lengthy so it keeps getting put off!

    1. Christina

      It will be A WHILE before its that big….but by then we hope to have a whole aquarium! Man that is seriously my dream 🙂

      I think you feed them chicken and dumplings 🙂


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