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Aye party people…oh wait we are grown ups…hello peers.

This week has been one full of ideas and excitement.  You ever have those moments when ideas are popping into your head faster than you can write them down?  Then you start thinking of fundraising ideas and ways to create a time machine.  No, just me?

  I find a constant theme in our lives is not having enough time and money to do everything we want.  Oh you can relate, yea I bet 99.9% of you can relate.  To the other .01% you should move in with us and teach us your ways, I will even call you a “guru” if you like.  Or at least teach a class, or loan out your time machine.

The real problem is that in two weeks all those ideas will be drying up like Jay Leno’s career (not a hater, I want to squeeze that big ol’ chin).  Hence, the writing down.  For now I am ignoring all my list making and soaking in all the inspiration you can find in the blogosphere with our Friday favorites.

I have been really falling hard for water-color paintings lately.  I wish I could make something like this. favorite etsy - lanas art Lana’s Art Gallery is an Etsy shop that is overflowing with color and sweet themes.  That bicycle gets me so ready for Spring to get its butt in gear and warm this town up.  I am beyond ready for lovely blooms and sunshine.  The itchy eyes, not so much. favorite - nation art Ever since I found sweet Beth of Sawdust & Embryos she has impressed the heck outta me with her furniture redesigns.  Now she has really gone and done it, she opened an Etsy shop.  My wallet should run for the hills.  The best part is, even though she is selling these awesome pieces of art she also shows you how to make it yourself.  I think I will skip the sliced fingers and misshapen nation and just put it on my wish list. favorite - scratcher Did you realize Mothers Day is basically right around the corner.  Oh yea, you better get your plan on.  If your mama is anything like my mom all she really wants is a neck rub, which is why this is a perfect gift.  Without all the birthday mambo jambo, you don’t want to confuse her. favorite - seaglass It should come as no surprise that a carousel that tricks you into thinking you are underwater riding on dolphins is basically our dream come true.  Any little girl who has watched Little Mermaid has to be down with this right?  Looks like a trip to Staten Island is in the works…or building a carousel. favorite - tealights While I was cleaning out all of our closets last weekend I came across a huge bag of tealights.  Tim won’t let me throw them out because apparently they are perfect for summer nights outside but I am trying to find a way to pretty the basic-ness up.  We always have tons of cans laying around so I think this needs to happen, immediately.  Maybe I can pump a couple out while I am hosting our very first garage sale tomorrow.

What are your weekend plans?
Have you tried out YHL’s forums yet?
Any garage sale tips for us novices?

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Written by Christina and Tim

6 thoughts on “Friday Favorites….four two six

  1. Teresa

    hey there! found you via yhl forums 🙂 I saw a pin the other day on using washi tape on tea lights…a simple way to prettify them.
    And you know, if I could do half of the projects I dream up with no limit on budget or time – I would be the happiest person in the world! lol

    1. Christina Post author

      I know….it’s always like “what can I do for $20 and in one weekend” haha. So limiting!

      Ohhh washi tape on tealights, what a great idea!!! Maybe I will make a whole gaggle of telight holders 😉

  2. Trisha D.

    The creative juices are a plenty over here too. It’s probably overwhelming the beau.

    Yesterday I pinned some tin can lights too, but these were made with a string of old Christmas lights. May be an alternative if you run out of tea lights (heaven forbid). I’m sure you could drill a hole in the bottom and they could be multifunctional. Upside down = Christmas lights, right side up = candlelight mood.

    Anyway here’s the link. P.S. the site has more ideas on upcycling tin cans too.

    That carousel, how dreamy!

    1. Christina Post author

      Isn’t it crazy how all the ideas just come to you at once haha! Then in a month I will be tapping my pen on the desk going hmmmm what to do what to do. Typical 🙂

      The main problem is everything I was to do are big projects, you know…build a pergola, paint the exterior (or fingers crossed side it), install hardwood floors everywhere 🙂 I need a benefactor haha!

      Thanks for the link on the lights, can’t wait to get it started!

  3. Janelle

    I’m a list-makin fool too. I LOVE all things state-related, especially since I really dig my beloved Pennsylvania, so that plaque is really tempting. I wonder if I can convince my stepdad to let me use his powertools…

    Good luck at your garage sale!


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