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May is not one of my favorite months.

No crazy holiday to pretty up the mantel for.  Awkward weather.  Allergies taking over my life.  A general yearning for my birth month and overall feeling of impatience.

I think it is always around this time where I realize, “holy bageesh the year is flying by me” and “I guess my New Years resolutions are pretty much kaput”.

Can you turn May around for me?  Help me look on the bright side of May?

Here are a few bright spots I found this month. her may favorites 1.  My impatience to get to summer is helped along by immersing myself with sunshiney smells.  I love Bath & Body Works summer collections which I buy on sale in fall.  Forgive my “so-last-season” scents but right now my favorites are Coconut Water and Frosted Tangerine Cake.  They smell like suntan lotion and heaven, a deadly combination.

2.  There isn’t a whole lot I like more than a good furniture makeover.  No one has mastered gorgeous renovations quite like Barb Blair, and now she is sharing the goodness in her new book.  I am most definitely using jazz hands while I flip through the pages it is just that good.

3.  This is the epitome of summer for me.  My mom used to slather it on us as a “bug spray” while we were chittlins and now anytime I smell it I am immediately transported to picnics and outdoor concerts and float trips.  Skin So Soft is pretty much my summertime perfume.  Don’t judge me for kicking it old school.

4.  Whitney from I Wore Yoga Pants introduced me to the great KiKi LaRue.  I am not sure if I should thank her or kick her in the shins (out of love obviously) for my bank account troubles I am bound to have in the near future.  Cute stuff, for reasonable prices….what more does a girl need?

5.  I happened across Maiedae after happening across Jenny Highsmith.  I fell hard and fast for their blogs and designs.  I may or may not even be getting a blog redesign as we speak read.

6.  Thanks to happening upon Maiedae, I happened upon the Maiedae Mixer.  I couldn’t be more excited to take a roadtrip with Trisha of Black & White Obsession to mingle with all the fanciness this event is sure to offer.  I am counting down the days and desperately trying to find an “ethereal outfit”.  Help! his may favorites 1.  I am really picky about my socks.  As in these are the only socks I will wear.  They never look dirty, and the “grip” on the middle makes it so you never have sock-bunching at the toe, plus they always stay dry.

2.  I have never put much thought into business cards, until my girlfriend started asking a ton of questions.  What sheen?  What thickness?  Do you want a photo on it?  How about a QR code?  This is like the accessory of running a business.  Thank goodness Moo.com makes it so easy and all of their products are high quality.  We just got our first set in and Christina is already matching handbags and drawing up plans for business card holders.

3.  We have been outside a lot lately.  I always like to make sure my skin is protected so I don’t turn into leather.  I have seen those old ladies who tan too much, it is not pretty.  This sunscreen stays put and is easy to apply, perfect for guys.  Protect your skin friends.

4.  Want to feel old?  Seinfeld’s series finale was fifteen years ago as of yesterday.  Luckily, I can still follow @Seinfeldtoday.

5.  I am trying really hard to drink less sugar and more water.  I hate water.  Enter Mio.  It’s great light flavor makes boring water more bearable even if Tracy Morgan is not.

6.  Ahhhh The Bagster.  My homie for life.  A great investment.  I will be posting all about it tomorrow.  Stay tuned.

Is May your favorite month?
Found anything fantastic lately?
How do I dress ethereal, fo real?

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Written by Christina and Tim

13 thoughts on “His + Hers May favorites

  1. Janelle

    I too just realized this morning that May AND THE YEAR are flying by so freaking fast. Ugh. Can we just stop time for a hot minute please?

    As per usual, I dig more of Tim’s favorites than yours. SORRY! But I do wish coconut oil was a candle so I could stop sticking my face in the jar all the time. Wonder if your coconut water candle smells similar?

    As for T’s, I love love love moo.com too. Awesome quality, cool stuff, just perfect. And Mio? Really? I haven’t tried it because the commercials turned me off. I don’t want to tell you why for fear of it ruining Mio for Tim.

    I think you may have gotten a new photo app (I see the flair added to your instagram photos) sooo you should probably share that info as well 🙂

    1. Christina Post author

      Seriously….put the brakes on 2013…I can’t take this whole “time is whizzing by my faster than a speeding-sixteen-year-old-with-his-daddys-porche”

      Ehhh it is not really the same as coconut oil, but that would make a fantastic smelling candle. I’m on the lookout 🙂

      Ohhhh do tell your Mio secrets. I don’t think anything could ruin it for him….he is beyond addicted. Seriously!

      I did, I did! It is the app “A Beautiful Mess” and it is the best thing since…well instagram!!! It’s so fun, and even funner to look at the hash tag #ABeautifulMess and see all the crazy creative things people are coming up with. Get you some girl!

      1. Janelle

        Okay okay. Mio… the original commercial used red Mio dropping into water which was like DID YOU NOT INCLUDE A WOMAN IN THIS AD TEAM?!? because it looked like period blood and there’s no way that advertising team could’ve missed that unless it was all men. So we call Mio “period blood.” Sorry! I’m sure blueberry lemonade does not have the same effect 🙂

        I thought it was the A Beautiful Mess app! I was thinking about downloaded that yesterday but hesitated. I think I will now!

  2. Serah Strebel

    Mio & kool-aid squeezers are perfect for days out with the little one! Anywhere there’s water,, there’s a drink.

    And as far as “have you found anything awesome lately?” The answer is YES! JMAX Jam speaker: it’s $50 (ouch), but it connects wirelessly via Bluetooth, goes anywhere (it’s so small) and has the BEST sound of ANY portable iPhone speaker I’ve ever heard. I’m in love. Giving them as gifts at every chance I get this year. Such a great buy!

    1. Christina Post author

      Ohhhhhh that sounds awesome! I haven’t found ANY that are wireless…heck I haven’t found any that have a halfway decent sound!!! I am checking them out fo sho 🙂

      Now I want a Kool-aid haha

      1. Serah Strebel

        No joke, I’ve gone through COUNTLESS portable speakers for my phone and when I found this one I wanted to celebrate. Hands down, the best iPhone accessory I’ve ever owned.

  3. Angie in the Thick of It

    how about i visit your blog RIGHT NOW?? and i loooooooove it so much! i mean, i just got here and only read one post so far, but that’s all it took me to fall in love. i am totally going to follow that seinfeld twitter stream, figure out what the maiedae mixer is, read your about page to see if INDEED your husband blogs WITH you (awesome!) and then i’m bookmarking you. and also considering adding you to my blog roll. which doesn’t exist right now. but should. it’s on the to-do list.

    I hope you don’t mistake all my exclamation points for frivolous accolades. i am really impressed by your blog. kudos 🙂

    1. Christina Post author

      Ummmm HELLO…you just made my day, no my week, no my month…ok ok you most def made my whole year! Thanks so much for visting! I have loved you for ions now and I would be jumping-in-the-air-with-arms-a-flailing-excited to be bookmarked haha. Just saying, seven tickets left for the Maiedae Mixer…you should come!!!

      Thanks again for visiting, you da best.

  4. Trisha D.

    Yay thanks for the shout out! I’m totally digging those moo cards! Yay for coconut aroma, reminds me of pina coladas!

    I’m on a Yay kicktoday haha.

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