Make Monday Matter...with a note

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Say hello to another beautiful Monday, so glad to see your face.

I know I am a wee bit too excited for another work week but I am just trying to get some practice in for my challenge this week.  I want to let a few people know how much I appreciate them. make-monday-matter-by-writing-a-note-of-gratitude You know, I buy all this cute stationary and tons of cute cards like a paper hoarder.  Then I just sit and look at them, it is quite possible that sometimes I rub them across my face but I never actually use them.  That’s gotta change today.

Feeling appreciated is one of the strongest human desires, but that appreciation is not often found in a text message.  Let’s think about how many emails and texts we have sent in the last week.  Now when was the last time we sent a real handwritten letter?  I’ll hang my head in shame now thanks.

The craziest part is a handwritten letter costs less than a dollar to send, and can be kept forever.  I just never take the time to actually write one.  Sometimes I long for my younger years when the greatest thing in life was to get a letter from my penpal….not quite sure why I gave that feeling up.

My challenge calls for one part cute card (or printer paper folded hamburger style) and two parts gratitude.  I am going to handwrite a few of these notes today to some specials folks, the ones that I don’t tell enough how much they mean to me.

Do you still handwrite letters?
Did you have a penpal growing up?
Where do you buy cute paper products…like I need more.

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Written by Christina and Tim

11 thoughts on “Make Monday Matter…with a note

  1. Janelle

    oooooh good one!!! I write notes for More Love Letters’ letter requests each month and thank you notes for my birthday and Christmas but that’s about it. I do like notecards from Target and Paper Source and I’m always on the lookout for cute stationery so please share if you find anything fabulous! (not gold though haha)

    1. Christina Post author

      You are still holding out on the gold train huh 🙂

      Ohhh that’s right I have read some of your posts about the More Love Letters, that sounds awesome!!!

      1. Janelle

        Damn skippy. But shockingly I do have notecards that have gold on them (from Paper Source like I mentioned) and I looove them!

        As for your addresses comment above, I save addresses in the contact info for the person in my iPhone. Easy.

  2. Teresa @ wherelovemeetslife

    This post is good on timing for me! I recently picked up some of the dollar spot thank you cards from Target and decided they were just too cute to not use. So I wrote thank you notes to a few people in my life. I was surprised by the strong reaction! 🙂 I think you are so right… more handwritten notes.

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