If I had a birthday fairy....

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This is what I would ask for.  Who has the hook-up on a birthday fairy? christinas birthday wishlist 1.  I have talked about it for months, and T even bought me a wooden one, but the time has come for me to become a real life duck mom.  I want to build a habitat and teach it tricks and snuggle it while I am by the pool.  Does that make me a weirdo?  So be it.

2.  Will I ever get sick of washi?  Probably not.

3.  How could I possibly resist a nail polish named “Naughty Nautical” in good conscious.

4.  Joy Cho was the keynote at Alt for Everyone and now I can’t get enough.  I need to soak up all of her knowledge and I need to do it now.  You think she would adopt me?

5.  The first time, ever I saw your face soles.  The gorgeous Elsie has rocked these shoes a time or two and I’ve had them on my wish list for way too long now.

6.  My phone dies….every. single. day.  The Mophie case recharges your phone with the flip of a switch.  Perfect for Pinterest happy fools like me.

7.  You can wear your twitter handle around your neck these days.  I see so many benefits to this.  Conversation piece.  Potential for that creepy guy at the library to find you and stalk your life, but hey it’s a new follower.  Simplifying the whole “can you id this body” thing.

8.  I have a camera crush on Epiphanie bags.  Right now we have a pretty awesome Canon backpack, but I think our camera deserves a stylish alternative.

I can’t believe my birthday is in less than a week.  I love birthdays, but this one feels odd.  I am realizing just how close I am to thirty, and how different my life is from what I imagined.

I am so thankful for another birthday, and instead of asking for presents or parties I am hosting an Etsy “Craft for the Community” gathering so that I can share my aging-happiness with everyone!  If you are in the area please come join me, I promise there won’t be any singing!

What did you do for your last birthday?
Are you where you thought you would be at this age?
What do you want for your birthday, besides world peace?

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Written by Christina and Tim

18 thoughts on “If I had a birthday fairy….

  1. Sarah and Matt

    1. Do it! I myself would love to have chickens for fresh eggs. However I recently learned that Ducks have larger and more delicious eggs! Plus they are a bit more cute and cuddly 🙂

    3. I love Essie. Best nail polish.

    5. Love them. Very nautical.

    Just recently came across your blog and I wanted to say I love your style and your fishies! My husband and I have a slight obsession with Tanked.

    1. Christina Post author

      Ohhhh YAY! I am so glad you found us Sarah 🙂

      I have a totally irrational fear of chickens. Tim wants them so bad but when I was a kid I had a run in or seven with some mean chickens at my grampas farm!!! Maybe once we master our duck skills, I will move onto being a chicken tamer haha!

  2. Janelle

    I think you are gonna have a hard time getting Tim to carry that camera bag… just sayin. Do you think he’s going to immediately buy you everything in this post? Nah, he probably already has everything purchased, wrapped, and ready to go. Except for the duck… can’t box him (or her) up!

    1. Christina Post author

      Actually….I told him all I want for my birthday is TILE!!!! And that costs more than everything on this list times ten haha….seriously I am ready to get to work on that bathroom haha. We should have been saving our pennies BEFORE we ripped it out…lesson learned 🙂

        1. Christina Post author

          Yea, we have gone through about forty stages of picking tile….and I THINK we have a winner….but it is still so dang expensive! I just keep thinking maybe we don’t even need a shower haha.

  3. Casey @ DIY Playbook

    Christina…I’m pretty much with you on each and every one of these! These are some fabulous choices.

    The twitter handle necklace is hilarious…and may be a great accessory for Haven?! Ha!

  4. Christina @ Floridays Mom

    Hahaha. The Duck idea really made me laugh out loud. I am LOVING those little flats..of course they are blue/white stripes..duh.
    Happy EARLY birthday. I couldn’t completely understand, is THIS the big 30 birthday is that just approaching?

    1. Christina Post author

      The big 3-0 is still a couple years away….but this is the first year it has REALLY hit me how close it is. I’m not worried or sad by it, just sort of surprised at how fast it snuck up on me. And I sit and laugh about what 18 year old me thought I would be doing by now. Oh I was so naive then. What you mean all 27 year olds aren’t CEOs yet?

  5. Michelle

    I once had a pet duck when I was in the 1st grade, his name was Darn It.

    Tell me more, tell me more about your Etsy event. You’re in STL, right? I’m in the Columbia, MO area.

    1. Christina Post author

      What a funny name!!! I love it 🙂

      We are just getting together for some dinner, drinks and crafting! It is a local restaurant (in Clayton if you are familiar with the area). I just want an excuse to get some creative minds together and make pretty paper flowers (I have been dying to make some). If you could make it that would be AMAZING! I love love love meeting readers 🙂 And bring some Shakespeares pizza, yummmmmm.

  6. Kal

    My 27th is in a few weeks too. Now I HAVE to have a duck. Or a turtle. Genius idea! 🙂 Although “27” has me a bit worried, I think a cute duck and some HomeDepot gift cards would fix me right up 😉


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