Friday Favorites - three eight

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It’s Friday, Friday, Friday….remember her?

Hope you all had a fantastic week and have an even better weekend ahead of you.  If you are in Vegas this weekend look out for my shenanigans, as I will be tearing up the city for my sister’s 21st birthday.  Make sure you all keep my boyfran man company here as he will be enjoying the bachelor life and praying I don’t blow all my money on the craps table.

But for now….bask in the glory of my new favorite Etsy Shop. the wheatfield How adorable are those prints.  I am head over heels for the fresh colors and whimsy that Katie brings to all of her work.  It was hard to choose which prints I liked best because she has tons of them.  There are also lots of “State prints” although a certain show-me state was missing.  Which one is your favorite?

Statement walls have become all the rage lately.  I have yet to see one that I love more than this one… abeautifulmess  Elsie from a Beautiful Mess spent three days laboring over that beauty, and it already has me feeling totally inspired.  I need a wall in my house covered in sentiments.  I think I will choose a smaller wall though.

Speaking of Elsie, she was really on a roll this week.  Check out these pretty mismatched napkins, and dream about all the styling possibilities. elsies napkins  Dinner parties scattered with patterns and bold colors and sweet quotes.  If I wasn’t going out of town this weekend I’d be learning to sew so I could make my own set.

I have tried to eat a little cleaner these days.  I have not gone all the way to the Paleo side of things….just trying to cut out frozen dinners and refined ingredients.  Maybe live a little longer. smittenkitchen  How delish does that look?  I am craving eggs all the time now, so I want to learn lots of ways to prepare them.  Smitten Kitchen has the best photos and great tutorials that don’t seem so intimidating.

I love birthdays.  I love sending cards.  I just never remember.  Next time I do…. onelittleminute  Miranda gives you a step-by-step coaching session on folding a bill into a shirt.  Which could come in handy while in Vegas so I have been practicing like crazy.

What other skills should I take to Vegas?
Find anything cool in your blogoshpere lately?

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Written by Christina and Tim

6 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – three eight

  1. Janelle

    ha – I just used one of Katie’s prints as an inspiration and made my own (the Azalea Stripe print). That’s my favorite along with “be kind to others.” Do you ever buy any of your Friday Favorites for your own home?!? Hello frame wall!

    I love how your mom jabs you for egg-eating instead of giving you instructions for Vegas. My Mom would totally be all “take care of my baby girl! don’t let your drink sit!” etc

    1. Christina Post author

      Hahaha…oh she is going with me….so she will be right there to keep an eagles eye over me!

      I do actually buy them. I am eyeing a couple of Katies but I can’t decide yet 🙂


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