Make Monday Matter...be neighborly

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Have you ever lived next to a nasty neighbor?

Here’s hoping that our neighbors never find this little old website…we have one family that live right next to us and to put it nicely, they are jerks.

Most of our neighborhood consists of friendly retirees with beautiful lawns and freshly washed cars.  They usually always wave, and never call the cops on our early morning hammering.  Then we have our jerks next door.  Mean since day one.  Have called us in to the city officials for a supposed leak in our pool, all the while violating about four or five city codes themselves.  We wave, they glare.  Don’t even get me started on the oil stains in front of our house.  End Rant.

Today, we are going to make an effort. do-your-neighbors-right Let’s think about it.  Fenced in back yard for leisure, long days at the office, a garage that lets us in and out of our house with no human contact, no kids to play outside, no time to wash our car, no time for anything really.  These are the things that make us inaccessible to our neighbors.

With the fantastic weather Missouri has been dishing out, we are going to take this week to be outside.  Social butterflies in our community, hopefully someone will talk to us.  Or at least wave while they are driving by.  We also made a deal to go to our next community meeting…maybe it will give us an edge in the holiday decoration contest.

Are you a good neighbor?
Do you live in a community of youngsters?
Should I bake our mean neighbors cookies?

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Written by Christina and Tim

3 thoughts on “Make Monday Matter…be neighborly

  1. Janelle

    My heart just skipped a beat… is there really a holiday decorating contest in your neighborhood??!??!?

    I had crappy neighbors in an apartment complex (of course) but I just tried to be friendly in case they were secretly serial killers or something. Wanted to stay on their good side!

    Do your not-ideal neighbors have pets? Maybe send a bag of treats their way “from our pups to yours!” or something like that?

    1. Christina Post author

      Yea, there is a Christmas light competition and it gets INTENSE 🙂

      Our neighbors hate all things good in the world. I always tell T we have to be nice to them or they might poison our dogs or something. They have no cute and fluffies….just two grown kids that live at home!

      Tim wants to make them cookies, but I don’t want to take the risk of them staring at us like we are looney. Remember the wife of Edgar from Men in Black…..that’s how I feel they would look at us!!!!


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