Make Mondays Matter...four

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Hey y’all…hope your weekend was fantastic.  We have been unbelievably busy these days with birthdays, crafts, and adventures.  It has been a total blast and I can’t wait to share everything with you.

While life has handed us many blessings and the laughs have been plentiful my mind often wanders to something a little more serious.

Hurricane Katrina was almost eight years ago, can you believe it?  I remember the chaos like it was yesterday.  I remember how unprepared everyone, including the government was.  For a very long time I thought that Katrina was a once in a lifetime event.  Then came Hurricane Sandy.

People were without food and water and crying out for help.  It broke my heart.

I realized that Tim and I are totally unprepared.  And we live on a fault line.  And every year I freak about tornadoes.  And then there was the flood of 1993.

And then I read One Second After. prepping Make a plan, and get prepared.  If nothing else just run by the store today and buy a couple of gallons of water, a first aid kit, some flashlights, blankets, and rice.

Tim and have recently started collecting dry food goods and water, and we have a spot in the basement for emergency supplies.  We have made a plan to buy a gallon of water…which by the way is only eighty cents….every time we go grocery shopping.  With it being so cold outside, we are both putting a candle and blankets in our car.

We obviously hope we never have to use any of it, but having a plan today will help reduce panic if anything were to happen.

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Written by Christina and Tim

8 thoughts on “Make Mondays Matter…four

  1. Janelle

    Hurricane Sandy predictions for my area (south central PA) freaked me out. “Make an emergency kit” has been on my to-do list for years. We pretty much have everything we need (that’s the soldier coming out in my boyfriend), it’s just not together. So the more I heard about Sandy, the more freaked I got. I quickly got everything together and even packed a bag in case we had to evacuate.

    By the way, I have no plans to read that book because it will do more harm for me than good. haha. Irrational fears, anyone? I’d create tons of ’em.

    Totally unrelated: is it too early to ask for a roundup of awesome V-Day cards? I’ve been seeing some really cool ones on Etsy. You have awesome taste so I hope you end up posting about some sweet vday gifts.

    1. Christina Post author

      Yea, I have friends in PA and they were freaking otu as well. Lucky you to have a soldier BF…I bet you are more prepared than like 95% of people 🙂

      Yea, I loved the book but I can’t lie….I started freaking out haha. Now I am reading the Host and it’s about alien invasions and once again I am kind of freaking out haha!

      I am doing a V-day roundup for sure! I hadn’t thought about cards, thanks for the heads up!!!

      1. Janelle

        Sure, if you count MREs as food 😉

        Aliens would love you. They’d make you their queen. And Tim king of course.

        Yesssss I’m excited for a v-day roundup! Prematurely excited, though. I think some people are so not there yet. Must include a naughty card or gift! haha

        1. Christina Post author

          Hahaha…girl those things are ‘spensive! We want a couple but dang for three days food for two of us we’d be breaking the bank! They are on our list of things to get, we just have to save a penny or two 🙂

          Alien Queen, I think I could handle that!

  2. Lydia

    This is great! I guess these are things that are always in the back of my mind but really don’t do anything about, though I should. The blankets in the car idea is good too…I don’t even have jumper cables! Ugh, hope I didn’t just jinx myself today 😉 But thanks for the tips and they might just jumpstart me to actually do something about it. Also, I agree about the Valentine day roundup and I’m also prematurely excited 😀 I just love Valentine’s day so it always makes me excited to find more ideas or decorations!

  3. Lydia

    Oh and I have read the Host too and it’s very good! But I also must admit I did like the Twilight books and her style of writing so I figured I’d like the Host too…glad you like it though but it is kinda creepy!

    1. Christina Post author

      I love it so far…really gets you thinking! I am only about half way through and I can’t believe that anything else could happen haha. I never read Twilight, but I might have to now!!!


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