Make Mondays Matter....six

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Holy lazy weekend….
We did a whole lot of nada.

Did anyone conquer the world this weekend?
Please, inspire me. monday matter We all get it….and we all hate it.

Junk Mail.

Most of the time we just toss it when we get it, right?  So why is it that we are willing to bring our own cloth shopping bags and drive electric cars to help save the world but we aren’t willing to actively reduce our paper collection.

I know it’s not just me that has a collection of catalogs and a stack of credit card offers.  Please tell me it is not just me. can you believe it

Can you believe that?  Eight months opening junk mail, when you already toss almost half of it.  What a waste, ain’t nobody got time for dat.

Did you know that if you reduce your junk mail you can save 500 pieces of mail per year, per person.  That is a lot of paper.

But how? do it Today, take an hour out of your day to get yourself off some mailing lists.  The Direct Marketing Associations Mail Preference Service is a great place to start.

Remember that top you ordered two years ago, still getting their catalogs?  Take ten minutes to call and get removed from their mailing list.

If nothing else, at least set up a small recycling bin to throw all that paper in.

Then pat yourself on the back.

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Written by Christina and Tim

4 thoughts on “Make Mondays Matter….six

  1. Janelle

    I just did this in November for my boyfriend because he gets SO MUCH mail. He’s a Jr and in the Army so sometimes he gets mail for his name, his name with Jr, his name with his old rank, his name with his new(ish) rank… so sometimes up to four copies of THE SAME THING. What a waste!

  2. Shelly

    I might have to look into doing some of these things because like you, I too get loads of junk mail. I probably get an average of two credit card offers a day- yikes!! I also get offers to refinance our house, vehicles, or discounts for repairs around the house. I truly get excited when we get a “real” piece of mail-lol!

    1. Christina Post author

      I am right there with ya….we always have a mailbox full, and it is never anything interesting. So I “hopefully” put an end to a lot of it! Especially all the catalogs that I will-look-at-when-i-get-a-second-i-promise.

      May the force be with you 🙂 or something


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