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I hope you did something super fun to celebrate the long weekend.

Tim and I spent the entirety of Monday in bed.  Literally.  We had three square meals in bed.  We laughed, watched marathons (yes plural), had pillow fights, stalked Facebook friends, and picked wedding colors…all in bed.  Neither of us had the flu, and it was a drop dead gorgeous day outside.

We just needed time.  In bed.  Together.  Doing nothing.  It was wonderful.

If you are a Facebook homie, you probably already saw this…. our-tile-shop-tile-has-arrived We finally bit the proverbial bullet and bought tile, which is absolutely what we should have been doing yesterday.  In ten years though, we aren’t going to remember how fast our tile got done…but you can bet we will still be talking about the laziest day of our lives.  Because it was a blast.

I do want to give you a sneak peek of what we picked though, so you can get as excited as us.  the-tile-we-chose Tim is very excited to have such a manly bathroom, and no you can’t see yourself in the penny tile.  At least from a distance.  Now we just have to get it on the walls.

What did you do for Labor Day?
Have you ever had a “day of literal rest”?
What do you think of our tile choice?  Be nice, it took us weeks of deliberation.

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Written by Christina and Tim

8 thoughts on “Sneak Peek: Bathroom

  1. Janelle

    squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! shiny penny tile!!!!!!! You’ll walk in the bathroom and be all “heyyyy there handsome penny tile… how you doin?” Now you’ll have an excuse if Tim thinks you’re taking too long to get ready! “Honey, I’m admiring the tile! It takes TIME!”

    Also, I spent the first three waking hours in bed yesterday reading. I called that a success so now I feel like a fool for not taking out the whole day to spend in bed! Good for you, lady friend. Good for you 🙂

    1. Christina Post author

      Hahaha….you should of seen us when we were picking it out…there may have been heavy petting involoved.

      I told Tim we would need a bigger hot water heater because I am so taking steam showers all up on the bench!!!

  2. Trisha D.

    Dang girl, the wait definitely paid off. Those colors, and the shinny Pennies, ack so excited for y’all.

    We too promised ourselves a lazy day although ours consisted of clean up and a little shopping between the relaxing breaks.


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