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Hope everyone has a very safe and spooky Halloween tonight….don’t get in too much trouble.

We nicknamed the little dog “bugs” so it was only appropriate that we all dress up like insects.  She called dibs on being a spider.  I dressed up like a bumble bee for those in back.  And, well Taj ripped his ladywings off…but he started out as a ladybug.

 Tim decided to be an exterminator, and I want that on public record in case we all end up missing.  KIDDING!

Are you peeping my pumpkin…I am so obsessed that all I cared about in this picture was that my pumpkin make an appearance.  Do I care that me little spider is being poisoned right behind me, apparently not.  Big dog is streaking, ok but what about my pumpkin.

I chose the lumpiest, ugliest pumpkin I could find.  Then I vinyled my favorite blog’s name right onto the lady lumps and sprayed that sucker down.

Once I peeled the vinyl off, ok lets be serious…once Tim peeled the vinyl off because I had moved onto the next pumpkin…I had this masterpiece.

I got bored real quick on the second pumpkin and left poor T to do all the tedious parts.  Which I believe is why he turned my lobster into a scorpion.  Boys.

Seriously, that is a scorpion.

Is anyone else dressing up their dogs tonight?

It is a good thing she doesn’t bite….we’d be in trouble.

Have fun tonight y’all!

Written by Christina and Tim

We ranted and raved in this post about our new laser level.

Knowing we could have perfectly straight lines kind of blew our minds.  I found myself laying in bed thinking of things that needed straight lines in our house.

The only idea Tim wouldn’t veto was my oh so subtle living room stripes.
Sorry the pictures are terrible, it was a night project.
I don’t have an official “after” picture yet because we are saving it for our “home tour” reveal.

After playing with my iPhone’s panorama function I did capture this beaut.
If you look closely, you can find a little rat dog hiding.
10 points for the first to find her.

Written by Christina and Tim

Anyone that knows me knows what a sucker for crime shows I am.

Mainly real life mysteries like Dateline and Snapped.

You can bet your bottom dollar that if a sultry voice comes on the boob tube to tell me about so and so missing for six years…I am on it like Sunday morning bacon.

So how come no one informed me of the Investigation Discovery channel?

Last night I cozied up to “Who the Bleep Did I Marry” which happened to be about a man from St. Louis who was poisoning his wife.  We sure know how to grow em around these parts.

Then I watched “The Devil You Know” which is about…..well what else, crazy husbands.

Motives and Murders is on cue in the DVR.

I’m obsessed and I need to know…were you all holding out on me or am I finally ahead of the crowd on something?

Written by Christina and Tim

The most common thing we heard before we left on our almost two week road trip was, “oh this will be the ultimate test”.

Of course there were variations like, “pack a big bag of patience” and “please try not to kill each other” and even “whoa nelly you two will be enemies by day three”.

Not very encouraging.

T and I have always traveled well together, but we are talking small weekend trips here kids.  We really started psyching ourselves up for 13 days of being in a two foot radius of one another. To our surprise, it was easy breezy fun.
Disclaimer: we do not have chittlins, I believe that to be extremely important information.

We of course had our moments of frazzled map reading, and insane traffic never made us giggly….but we did a good job of remembering that we were frustrated with the situation and not with each other.

Once we hit the downward slope, aka the drive home…we both got a little grumpy.  But there were never any blowouts, which I think we both fully expected.

All my life I have looked at traveling as very hectic.  Traveling meant arguing at least 32% of the trip, usually in the very beginning.  I’ve been on some trips where people fight the whole time…not fun y’all.

Feeling like we might be onto something….we put together a list for you all. roadtrips with spouse/boyfriend
We hope all of your travels are as happy as ours!

Written by Christina and Tim

If you missed any stops on our East Coast road trip…you can catch up by clicking on the links below.

The Preview
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Lawsonville, PA
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Vermonty, where I gained ten pounds
We are moving to Maine
Shedd Aquarium

We hope you enjoyed hopping in our virtual car for a little tour of the East-ish.

Some of you commented on our post card montage.  You don’t even know how much fun this was for my boytoy and the doggie.
Here are some outtakes.  

You think those are funny….wait till you see our road trip videos.
We debated on sharing these, because they aren’t very flattering but every time we watch we can’t help but laugh.
Hopefully you all can just laugh at our ridiculousness too.

You wanna know how big of dorks we are, or how we entertained ourselves for 85 hours in the car, or how obsessed with tunnels we are….just watch these.

And Mom – I did not know what the “whistle song” was about, it just kept coming on the radio so we jammed.

Now you get to sneak a peek at just how goofy we are….fun in tunnels.

Okay, now that we have subjected ourselves to public humiliation.  Let’s talk about our treasures.
I am definitely the girl that picks up every cool seashell as a souvenir. I am also the girl that wants to buy a memento everywhere I go. It’s my mom’s fault.  Everywhere we traveled she buys coffee mugs, then every morning she gets to reflect about where she has been.
But I don’t like coffee.
So I settle for magnets & postcards. This trip we decided that when we really loooved a place (enough for three “o’s”) we would buy an ornament.  We are Christmas nuts, so it seemed fitting.


We snuck off with some other treasures too.  Tasty ones like chocolate covered blueberries, sweet jams, smoky bacon cheese, jalapeño chips, and some burger sauce.  Some super rad tee shirts that I am sure you will spot us wearing here and there.  Even doggie treats and toys.  No one left behind.

We got sweet art prints from Maine and we are currently working on getting an awesome piggie painting from a Vermont store.

That’s how I show my love….with Friends references.

We also almost drove off the highway to go scoop up one of these bad boys. We also collected room keys…don’t snitch. Now the question is….what kind of crafty things can I do with all of these treasures?

Oh I just got a gut-wrenching pain…our trip is over.
Time to start planning the next one!

Written by Christina and Tim

We knew that if we drove straight home from the East Coast we would be seriously depressed…in a car….together….for sixteen hours.
That was if there wasn’t any traffic.
We also knew that Chicago was only a six hour drive (five if your name is Tim).

So we added Chicago to our trip.  That cut the depressing drive down by ten whole hours, because we were excited for Chicago for most the way home. Since we couldn’t catch a Cards-v-Cubs game, we went to the obvious vacation destination. Boy oh boy did our cameras get a workout.  Hope you like photos! It goes without saying that we had a blast.
But I will say it anyway….we had a blast. We walked right into a show in their main tank.  Where do I apply for that job?
I of course oogled the decor.   Ummmm hi, where do you all shop?
I got caught oogling a lot that day…. What can I say, I have a real weakness for sharks.  Check it. I mean, how do you not love them.
I am totally serious about having a shark tank too.
Luckily, I know where to stock up on sharks. Yes, they had real shark eggs.  I have video of them wriggling that I will share later this week.

There was another baby.  The baby Beluga was born about a month ago.
Say “hi”


That is my dolphin imitation.   It seemed like the theme of the day was large and in charge.
Everything was huge. I know these aren’t the best pictures, unless you are into glare and fuzziness.
The point is look at the size of these monsters. For some reason, this reminded me of Harry Potter.  So I ran….fast.       Yes, that sea lion was the highlight of my trip.
He knew where the food was, so he would swim three laps then splash out to get some chow.
Everytime he got out I clapped like a….well, sea lion.

My second best friend was this little feller. He was convinced that the rubber duckie was his people.
More convinced that this duck was his BFF forever and ever.

Then there were the jellies.  Oh the jellies.      

It was what I want heaven to be…and has me convinced our next tank should be a jellyfish tank.   That there is the general gist of our aquarium trip…minus about 450 pictures.
Shutter happy people, that’s for sure.

We were not happy to leave Chicago, since that meant our trip was pretty much over.
But we are so glad to be home….planning the next one!

Written by Christina and Tim