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It’s my boytoy’s birthday….and he will cry if he wants to. Hey old man I’ll save all the sappiness for his celebration tonight.

But you all feel free to show him some birthday lovin.

 sweet card

Written by Christina and Tim

A very sweet weekend....

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As I mentioned last week, I hosted my first cookie bake this weekend. our first cookie bake

For as long as I can remember my mom has gotten together with a few of her oldest friends -and by oldest I mean they have been in her life for many moons…not that they have wrinkles-and baked cookies.  I always loved this time of year because it meant a delicious sample session of sugary goodness.

I always secretly wondered why I wasn’t invited.  But now I get it…If kids were there then they couldn’t lick the bowls.  You’re totally forgiven mom.

This year I decided to take matters into my own hands and start hoarding sweets, not good for my thighs but I’ll totally take the stairs all week.

Here are a few of our treats… yummmmm We had a blast, just catching up and trying our best not to burn anything.  I really hope we can make it an annual get together.  Not only do you get to spend time with fun girls, you get cookies too!

Have you ever had a cookie bake?

Got a good recipe I need to know?

Written by Christina and Tim

Welcome Baby Brooklyn....

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Who remembers when I threw my very best friend a baby shower?

Well, her little dumpling in her belly decided it was time to make a grand entrance.  Say hello to the sweetest thing since your gramma’s cookies.

Oh my goodness, my heart just melts.

Katie had a fantastic pregnancy, and from what I hear an even more fantastic baby.  I can’t wait to meet this little bundle of love when she takes her first road trip from the great state of PA all the way to MO.

Congrats to two of my very best friends….you make beautiful babies.




Written by Christina and Tim

Our house is so super clean now.
I know my mom doesn’t believe me right now because of how often I got grounded long ago for having a messy room.

We did not host Thanksgiving, and we did not have company.

I just felt like cleaning.

I am talking Magic-Erase-every-baseboard-in-the-house-type cleaning here folks, not my usual routine of Febreze and fluff.

I realized I have a few go-to tools that I absolutely adore.
I wanted to share them because I love them but I also want your advice.

You will see that none of these are “green” cleaners.  Bummer.


My super secret-weapon is number three.  Those wallflower plug-in scent thingys make your house smell amazing without having to light a bunch of candles.

So since you all are the smartest people I know…I want your tips.

Your favorite cleaning products, and if you have found anything like my favorites that happen to be good for the planet.  You know, because I am all for saving our homeland.  What’s up with it…tell me all your secrets.

How do you keep your home so fresh & so clean?

ps….no one paid us to say nice things, it is just what we use and love.

Written by Christina and Tim

Giving Thanks....

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I hope you all have the best Thanksgiving ever….

This year we have more than ever to be thankful for.

Thank you so so so much for visiting us here at Homemade Ocean.
We are all so thankful for you!

Written by Christina and Tim

I am a political junkie.

I love that I have the right to vote.  I wish more people appreciated that right.
I hope you are going to get out and let your voice be heard.

If you think your vote doesn’t count, look at the smaller picture.

If you live in Missouri we have a HUGE Senate race about to go down and I believe every single vote will count.
Think about Propositions that will most definitely affect you & your neighbors.
The judges that you just may run across one day.
These are the decisions that matter.

Do your research.

There are a lot of tools available to help you make an informed decision.
There are even surveys to find where you fall.

Asti falls for treats.

My New Year’s Resolution was to not discuss politics on social media, and I have done darn well.  If you ask anyone that knows me they will tell you I am overly opinionated when it comes to politics.  But I will always believe that each person is entitled to their own opinion, and should exercise their right to express that opinion.  Even if I hate your opinion….I will still love you.

To avoid being to preachy preachy….I bring you the Election Collection.

Get ready for this nail biter with patriotic cocktails and snacks, you can find millions of recipes on Pinterest or just throw some strawberries and blueberries together and call it a day.

Spice up your wardrobe with handmade bows and feisty Toms to show support for your party.

Even your dog can show some political spirit with this adorable collar.

Really get into the spirit of election night by reusing your Fourth of July decor and adding in some patriotic coasters and Washi tape.

How are you celebrating November 6th?

Written by Christina and Tim