The East Coast Road Trip 2012

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You may have noticed a hiatus here at Homemade Ocean.

If we are facebook friends, then you know we took the ultimate relationship test and drove across the country together.  For the last two weeks.  In a car.  Together.  For two whole weeks.  Ya dig?

If we are not facebook official….well let’s do this so that you are never in the dark again.
Just click here.

So the long story short is:

4,030 miles on the rental
13 days with my love
85 driving hours
16 states got to see us
185 expensive gallons gone

and a partridge in a pear tree, or something.

However, I feel like if you are here….reading this….then you don’t want the long story short.  You want pictures.
Well, I aim to please.  We are going to relive our vacation in real time.  That’s right…..we are going on a virtual vacation, here’s your plane ticket.

Today I just want to show you the overview, where we went and the simple road trip details that I love….


That is pretty much the break down of everywhere our tires touched.  Some of them we just drove through screaming in pain while our ears pop enjoying the scenery.

I never thought I would like the East Coast, I just figured that I hadn’t been there and I ought to see things like our nations Capitol, where Forrest jumped into the reflecting pool.  But this crazy, unexpected thing happened while we were rolling around the East side of America….we fell in love.  Especially with the North-North East, like Vermont and Maine.  We are already saving for a summer home, truth.  The big cities just are not our cup of tea….probably all the honking, or the dreaded tolls.


Y’all we had no clue about tolls….you can’t find them in Missouri.  Let me tell ya, if the price of gas didn’t break us then the tolls did.  Not to mention, we don’t carry cash…..ummmm yea drama.  We probably won’t be back anytime soon, but we have lots of cherished memories.

Don’t you worry your pretty little head, we are diving into each destination later….you will get all the juicy details.

Here are some of the little details that caught my eye and made me smile.

I just love the simple things, and I wanted to remember them for always.

I will say, this being our first road trip together….we may have overpacked.  Look at all that luggage for two people.

There was a pajama bag, an undies bag, a shower bag, a shoe bag, a full suitcase, a full overnight bag, a computer bag, a camera bag, a charger bag, an accessories bag, and of course….two snack bags.  Seemed logical, till we had to haul it all in every day.  For twelve days.  Bananas.

On a side note, can you tell I worked at Vera Bradley?  You should see what’s inside those bags….Vera paradise.


Those are the basics of our trip.  Oh yea, and the fact that we actually are still together after twelve days of getting lost.

Shocking, eh?

Dueces….see you tomorrow!

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Written by Christina and Tim

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