Our favorite things....road trip edition

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In case you are new here, or missed this post you should know we do a monthly round-up of our favorite things.

In case you’re one of my favorite people that read the blog like it’s their job, sorry for being MIA the last few days.  We were out road tripping.
Don’t worry….there are many, many posts to come about the trip!

So it only seemed fitting that September’s favorite things are the doodads that we couldn’t live without on our trip.

Check it.

1. We bought a Bloggie right before the trip, it wasn’t too expensive and we wanted something more than an iPhone to take footage with.  Bonus, it’s waterproof.  Of course we were sold.  It worked out awesome, and I can’t wait to show you all of our “road karaoke” footage.  Plus there are no memory cards to worry about, easy peesy lemon squeezy.

2.  On our travels we traveled up to Vermont, home of cheese.  Not just any cheese, delicious cheese.  My favorite was the Horseradish cheese from Cabot, oh yummy in my tummy.

3.  You may remember that I just bought an iPad.  This trip was actually what initiated the bullet biting of dropping my hard earned cash.  Between GPS, finishing my book, checking on the blog, keeping up on facebook drama, and having the answer to all our questions right at my fingertips….it was a solid investment.  Probably late to the party, but two thumbs way up for Apple.

4.  Remember these….my mom used to gorge them when she was dieting while I was growing up.  I haven’t had them since I was probably seven with turtle-shell glasses and a retainer.  I saw them on our “let’s get prepared for this long drive” shopping trip and had a weird craving.  They were a H-I-T.

5.  This might sound gross….really gross, but when I travel I don’t feel like I have time to shower and do the whole straighten-for-an-hour-hair thing.  Also, you just never know what kind of water pressure you are going to get in these hotels.  So I feel that it is vital to hide the dirt under your fingernails, because let’s face it….it’s nasty.  Essie’s Topless & Barefoot is by far my favorite nail polish right now.  It’s nude and pretty, but completely hides any grunge you may encounter.  Apparently you can have your cake and eat it hide the evidence too.

6.  This bag saved my life.  Ok, that may or may not be a little dramatic but for serious….the Grand Traveler was a great travel companion.  The luggage slip on back meant I never had to carry it, the pockets kept daily essentials accessible, and the bag is flippin huge!  Plus…..it’s cute.

1.  Pandora is nothing new, but man is it a life saver.  There is nothing more frustrating than static on the radio, except when there is nothing but static on the radio.  We used Pandora almost every day, I have to recommend the “Road Trippin” station.  We never even had to hit skip, hence the aforementioned karaoke.

2.  My Foscam web camera was a sanity saver this trip.  I could get on and look at the tank to make sure everything was honky-dory.  It even helped when we had storms to see if our power was out.  The funny thing is, one of the friends we stayed with on the trip (hi Sandy) also had one.  We both felt like secret creeps, but agreed that this little camera is an absolute necessity when you have animals to keep an eye on.

3.  My favorite place was Maine, since our visit we have been looking at summer homes to rent in Camden so we can get back asap.  I will live there at some point, and if it is not on your “must-see” list then add it.  So worth the drive and we will tell you why next week.

4.  I will admit that I bought this deodorant for the name, but it helped me stay smelling “good enough to snuggle” according to Christina.  I am pretty certain this will be my new deodorant of choice, especially if it keeps the lady happy.

5.  Our friends Katie & Brennan introduced us to “Ritas” on this vacation.  You can’t find these guys in the mid-west, so consider yourself lucky Easterners.  If you don’t know about Ritas then you need to find one as quickly as possible and order the Swedish Fish Gelati.  You can thank me later.

6.  Oh man, I can’t say enough good things about the Phillips Electric Razor.  If you still use a disposable, you gotta invest in one of these.  It’s a little expensive initially, but in the long run it is worth it saving you time and money.  I mean, you can’t shave and drive with a typical razor….unless you want to risk your aorta.

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Written by Christina and Tim

2 thoughts on “Our favorite things….road trip edition

  1. Katie

    I’m sure you can now understand why we went to Rita’s like twice a day last summer…I’m not ashamed! It’s delicious!


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