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We recently got asked about where Dori Dos lives.  Hi Gabby!

She does indeedy live in the very same tank that Dori OG lived in.  You can read about that tragedy here.

I don’t want to risk jinxing Dori Dos, so this post is not about the fish.
It’s just about the tank.
Ok fish fore fathers who curse my fishies, ya listening?  Please don’t jinx my fish.

When we started this hobby we had a 60 gallon tank, which you will learn more about next week.  That tank lived in our office, and it was so nice to be able to work and fish-gaze at the same time.  Then we bought the big tank, and eventually we sold the 60 gallon.  But I really missed having a tank in the office, so I got this guy.

Please don’t judge the paint, and the general mess.  The office is at the top of our To-Do list.

I wanted a little tank to call my own and put pretty pink corals and fun little fish in.

Once the tank was ready for fish we put Miss Holly in with a little Goby.

But she always was hiding, and I had a thing for little Damsels.  We didn’t want to put Damsels in the big tank because they can be territorial and eat corals.  But this little tank was perfect for them.  We moved Miss Holly into the big tank and loaded this guy up with Damsels.

And I liked them, for about a week.

The problem was, they didn’t have much personality.  They were boring.  In fact, I just tried to find pictures of them.  I never took any, and I take pictures of everything.  I hate to sound picky or mean, but Damsels weren’t my thing.  So they went into the sump.  Before anyone flies off the handle and calls the fish police, the sump is our filter for the big tank.

Then this tank sat empty, because I just wasn’t sure what I wanted.

Then came the Dori’s.  And my heartstrings are pulled as tight as ever.

The tank they call home is just a 12 gallon Nano Cube.  I gotta tell you, if you are considering getting into the hobby, a Nano Cube or Biocube is the way to go.  They have everything you need.  Built in lights and filtration make it super easy to set up and take care of.  I will warn you though, it isn’t big enough and you will fill it in a month and want something bigger.  But that is the case with every tank once you’re addicted….T and I are already talking about a 600 gallon built-in basement tank.  It’s a sickness.

What is under the hood…let me show you.

See…everything you need.

The reason it is such a good starter tank is because the maintenance is just enough to expose you to what you are in for but not enough to overwhelm you.  If I can take care of it, anyone can.

If you take a look around you will see that no one is sponsoring this post.  I just really love having a little tank on my desk.

Now then, if you want to see the super cute inhabitant….check this out.

And for those of you in the know, the hermit crab that chowed down on Dori OG…..is now battling the big boys in our 210.


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Written by Christina and Tim

Ok so I have never actually finished the books….but Tim’s last name is Gray so I feel like it’s totally appropriate.

There will be no crazy smut scenes on this blog folks.  You’re welcome.

Although there will be lots of desk talk.  Just as exciting, right?

We have been spending a lot of time in the office lately; T is really busy at work when he is not learning HTML for me.  I have been obsessed with finding little nuggets of gold on the galactic universe we call the internet to inspire an office makeover.

Our office needs to be two things….comfortable and functional.  We are in the office chairs way more than we are on our nice fluffy-hug-me-with-pillows couch, so we need a little cushion for the tush that’s for sure.

If Tim had his way, it would have wall-to-wall fish tanks.  Huge flat screens on every wall.  Three, yes three, enormous monitors on his oversized desk.  An endless supply of pens, and snack food.   A built-in bathroom.  A recliner.  A fridge, fully stocked.  Oh and a maid, can’t forget the maid.  And my office would be in another room.

My dream office looks a little more like this…

Moodboard, gray, lighting, office, rug, chair, black, paint, color, DIY, remodel, idea

Our whole house is pretty light and airy; I need some moodiness in my life.  Which is why I went with a princess of darkness kind of feel.  All it needs is some dang handcuffs or a tie or something.

First thing is first….our walls right now are this mucus yellow color.  There isn’t a plethora of rooms that can handle the snot look, you’re really limited to the bathroom.  So we are going to tone it way down with a not too dark gray.  We really want to do one wall with chalk board paint so we have a fun way to jot down schedules, love notes, and play hangman of course.  For all of you worried that “it will be so dark” we have a huge window that lets in more than enough light.  We are thinking Benjamin Moore‘s, Bear Creek.

The rug is a little feisty, and more for Asti to have something soft to play on.  I think the office should be inspiring and needs lots of little fun pops of interest to keep you coming back.  This rug definitely pops.  Plus the whole I-look-like-an-animals-stripes thing throws a natural element into this very gray and sophisticated room.

The chair is perfection…I would love to find a cushy chair like this at a yard sale and completely DIY something to be this chairs little sister.  Dark, high gloss paint….fancy schmancy fabric and it comes out looking like a curvaceous piece of comfort.  Mama likey.

Every single day one thought crosses my mind.  “I need an ottoman.”  This one not only looks good, but I’m fairly certain I wouldn’t have that “oh wow this is digging into my calf” feeling that I get from most ottomans.  Not sure if our office is big enough to hold it, but a girl can dream.

As much as I love Gray…I crave a pop of bold color.  Hello sweet, industrial, bright blue desk.  With the curves of the chair, frames, and mirror…we need something to break all that girlyness up.  You know you want to sit and blog at this desk.  It’s so simple.  I find that if I have a bunch of drawers, they just get stuffed with secret junk.  I would prefer some open shelves above the desk to stay a little more organized.  Next to Tim’s flat screen of course.

The mirror is the bling that will draw your eyes up and away from our funky rug.  Just enough glitz for the room, and a good way to check the bags under your eyes to know if you should call it a night.  She is like our little pageant queen.

Then it all comes down to the details.  You know we need a fish in every room, so voila…fish vase.  Sweet ruffled curtains to lighten up all of the gray.  Chunky black frames full of homemade art.  And a huge candy jar, filled to the brim to keep my man happy!

There you have my dream office….now to get T on board.  Wish me luck!

Written by Christina and Tim