I couldn't script this if I tried.....

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You know how I always say I need a reality show?

Oh you don’t…..well I do.

Sometimes, things happen to me and I just can’t even fathom the serendipity of it all.

We bought Dori a solid week ago.  Let her get adjusted, beefed her up a little, treated her with garlic to keep her healthy.  Waited to write our “new fish” post until we were absolutely-positivly sure that she would live a long and healthy life.

We even kept put her in a tank with only a shrimp and hermit so that she would be safe.

Today I wrote this post.

Today I came home to a hermit crab eating the remains of my Dori.

We did everything right.  The water is perfect.  No one is picking on her.  She’s been eating like a champ.  Looked healthy as an ox-fish.  Got more attention than all of our other fish combined and believe me they are jealous.

She was our baby fish….and now she is gone.

I couldn’t make this up if I tried, nor would I want to.  Tonight I will be drowning in ice cream yelping WHY.

I cursed my baby fish, and although I considered not letting you all in on our little tragedy.  You have to take the good with the bad, and in this hobby, death is a part of life.

I just wish it wasn’t.

And why today.

And why that fish.

Ok that is all.

RIP little Dori….I’ll miss you.

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Written by Christina and Tim

8 thoughts on “I couldn’t script this if I tried…..

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