Honey Boo Boo Child

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This little turd has become a running joke in my life…

I had never watched the show Toddlers and Tiaras on TLC, until I got word of this chittlin….and now I. AM. HOOKED.

I suppose I am more hooked on the ridiculousness of the families than I am the actual show.  I mean, just look at these crazies…good thing they had kids instead of cats.  Image found here.


 Tim and I have even practiced our show-parent skills and decided that if we one day (please-oh-please) have a baby girl, her name will be Gracin something Gray.  Because let’s face it, Gracie Gray is pretty much the best pageant name ever.  Now go practice your finger-kiss-now-finger-wave-smile-smilebigger-curtsy girl prissy walk, or something like that.

And just because we are total weirdos…here is what my boytoy and I look like as pagent queens.  Please tell me how precious our spawn will be in all that glitz.

Now hopefully T won’t think he looks too good like that and leave me for the drag life.  Just kidding pumpkinbutt, we know you’d never do that but just in case…I gave you the blue dress.

But here is the breaking news, the meat and potatoes and apparently Mountain Dew of this post…Honey boo boo child now has her own show.  Yes indeedy, you heard me right.  Image found here.


Now please tell me why I can’t have a reality show?  They just give them away these days, and I know I’m funnier than J-Woww.  I’m just jealous.

Gotta say, T and I are really looking forward to this disaster.  Please don’t disappoint us Honey Boo Boo Child….you don’t want a sad future stage mom now, do you?

I didn’t think so.  Now go get all hopped up on Mountain Dew.

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Written by Christina and Tim

9 thoughts on “Honey Boo Boo Child

  1. Sarah

    Omg i just about died at this post. Seriously Christina? Seriously? Haha I’d be scared of you with that gun too.

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  4. Katie

    I know you watched the premiere last night! You should have seen Brennen’s face (as I forced him to watch it with me)! Pure disgust! It was awesome!

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