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Holy lazy weekend….
We did a whole lot of nada.

Did anyone conquer the world this weekend?
Please, inspire me. monday matter We all get it….and we all hate it.

Junk Mail.

Most of the time we just toss it when we get it, right?  So why is it that we are willing to bring our own cloth shopping bags and drive electric cars to help save the world but we aren’t willing to actively reduce our paper collection.

I know it’s not just me that has a collection of catalogs and a stack of credit card offers.  Please tell me it is not just me. can you believe it

Can you believe that?  Eight months opening junk mail, when you already toss almost half of it.  What a waste, ain’t nobody got time for dat.

Did you know that if you reduce your junk mail you can save 500 pieces of mail per year, per person.  That is a lot of paper.

But how? do it Today, take an hour out of your day to get yourself off some mailing lists.  The Direct Marketing Associations Mail Preference Service is a great place to start.

Remember that top you ordered two years ago, still getting their catalogs?  Take ten minutes to call and get removed from their mailing list.

If nothing else, at least set up a small recycling bin to throw all that paper in.

Then pat yourself on the back.

Written by Christina and Tim

This week is a little near and dear to my heart.

I also think it is perfect for anyone that was going strong on their New Years resolutions, but Super Bowl maybe crushed the whole “I am eating so great these pounds better fall of soon” dreams.

And by the way, for anyone that HAS kept their resolutions going strong…
where is our parade?
Seriously, I have not had a soda or a fingernail since 2012 and I think that deserves a blimp and marching band or something.

Stepping off the soapbox now.
I don’t like to share this often but it’s been a part of my life for a few years now.

I have high blood pressure.

It runs in the family, but my love of Mexican food doesn’t help.
I have tried to get it under control without medication for quite sometime, and I am doing well but I really want it to be super-extra-ultra good before I try to do the whole let’s-grow-a-human-inside-of-me thing.  Don’t get excited mom, we still have a few years.  I figure I better start now.

A lot of health issues face me in my future, and as I get a little older everyday I realize I need to take action now.  Bring on the veggies. monday matter I know it is really easy to run to Taco Bell for dinner when you busy.
Trust me, I know.

Let’s make a deal….no Taco Bell tonight okay.

shockers I mean, I am sure we all know that America is known as obesity capital of the world.  But did you know that we spend $66 billion annually for high blood pressure.  I gotta say, I don’t want to be a part of that. take action Let’s do this.  I am here for you mmmkay.

Written by Christina and Tim

Hey y’all…hope your weekend was fantastic.  We have been unbelievably busy these days with birthdays, crafts, and adventures.  It has been a total blast and I can’t wait to share everything with you.

While life has handed us many blessings and the laughs have been plentiful my mind often wanders to something a little more serious.

Hurricane Katrina was almost eight years ago, can you believe it?  I remember the chaos like it was yesterday.  I remember how unprepared everyone, including the government was.  For a very long time I thought that Katrina was a once in a lifetime event.  Then came Hurricane Sandy.

People were without food and water and crying out for help.  It broke my heart.

I realized that Tim and I are totally unprepared.  And we live on a fault line.  And every year I freak about tornadoes.  And then there was the flood of 1993.

And then I read One Second After. prepping Make a plan, and get prepared.  If nothing else just run by the store today and buy a couple of gallons of water, a first aid kit, some flashlights, blankets, and rice.

Tim and have recently started collecting dry food goods and water, and we have a spot in the basement for emergency supplies.  We have made a plan to buy a gallon of water…which by the way is only eighty cents….every time we go grocery shopping.  With it being so cold outside, we are both putting a candle and blankets in our car.

We obviously hope we never have to use any of it, but having a plan today will help reduce panic if anything were to happen.

Written by Christina and Tim

Happy Monday to you….are you ready to make this week better?

I can help.

So a couple of weeks ago I was talking with my old college roommate and she clued me in on Epsom bath soaks.  The girl is nine months pregnant and not even a pinky finger is swollen.  I felt like her argument had some merit.

Before I dove into the Epsom bath, I did a little research.
Be ready for some shocking facts. this aint no system of a down song here source

So this Monday….instead of saving the world.
I think you should pamper yourself. monday matter3 Go spend the $3 on a bag of Epsom salt and jump right into those healing waters tonight.  Relax and let the magic do it’s thing.

Some of the tips I have read online are:

– Don’t eat before or after
– Your pores will be open so avoid soaps
– Rinse with a cool shower afterwards
-Soak as much of your body as possible
– You may be light-headed, so get up slowly
– Put Ingrid Michaelson on Pandora
– Hotter the water the better

Have you ever soaked in Epsom Salt?  Am I totally behind on this?  I remember soaking sprained ankles, but when did it turn into spa day?

Written by Christina and Tim

So a few years ago, one of my best friends got me a book.
I liked it, and I read it….but it just kind of sat on my desk.

Mocking me.

The book is “Every Monday Matters” and it gives you an assignment each Monday to help enhance your life.  I always wanted to jump right in, but I never actually did.  You know how that story goes, right?

This year, I decided, is the year.

Tim and I started last week with the first Monday, the assignment was to make a list of the most important things in your life.  As I was making my list I thought, why not share this with all of my friends?  So if you would like to join us….you can find the book at most stores and online.

It is chock full of interesting facts and mind-blowing statistics that get your brain gears grinding.  Did you know that the average person spends 100 hours a year commuting to work compared to 80 hours of vacation time, which is why we need someone to get on that who time-travel thing.

I will also be posting the weekly challenge right here for anyone that wants to get down on the challenge with us.

Or tell us how hard this week is going to be. this monday matters “Instead of watching reruns of Friends….go make some”

We would love to be ambitious and say we are giving up TV for the entire week, but let’s be honest here.  Tim and I often have the TV on for background noise when we are working.  We always eat dinner over the coffee table while couching it up to Law and Order (which we vow will change when there are kiddos cobbing onto our mac and cheese).  We even leave the TV on while we sleep.  That’s my fault because I can’t turn my brain off…did I do the dishes, what do I have to do tomorrow, how many calories were in that triple-chocolate-devil-creamy-mocha-cheesecake, I should work out more, that Gillian Flynn sure can write, yada yada yada.

So today, we are tuning out.
All TV’s will stay off and instead we will talk to each other….wish us luck.

Kidding obviously, but maybe we will like it so much that we will sell all our TV’s.

Have you ever gone without TV?
Think we can manage a whole day without Honey Boo Boo?
Will you be joining us?

Written by Christina and Tim