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Hola, G’day, and Sup Homies.

Tim is in the middle of some major computer rehabbing for me….so instead of sharing a million photos of our weekend I am speaking from the heart today.  Well, more from my fingers since none of it is that serious and you know your heart can’t talk and all.  Details.

–  I am really ready for warmer weather, but I am kind of depressed that St. Louis hasn’t gotten a big snow yet.  I have heard that will be remedied on Thursday, here’s hoping for snowmageddon.  Hold the ice.

–  Lately, I have been all about picking up and moving.  Mainly from reading things like this and this.  Sometimes I think there is no better time in our lives to take a risk like living in Fiji for a year, other times I wonder if Asti could even cut it in the desert of South Africa.  I read an article a while back that asked a bunch of people what their occupation would be if money wasn’t an issue, most people said they would work at a bookstore.  I think I would work at a shoppe in a touristy towne (notice the “e’s” added for quaintness) so that I could talk with people from all over the world.  Holler Antarcticians.

–  I have been following Modern Seinfeld on twitter….if you’re not then you should get on that.  And while you’re there….

–  If I had told my eighteen year old self that I would one day love spinach and red onions, I think she would have thrown a bag of Doritos in my face and told me to get a life.  Still not a green pepper fan though.

–  Tim never ate those nuts…I am throwing them away tonight.

–  I have a horrible memory.  I watch Friends every night at bedtime and still give T the “I am so lost” look when he quotes it.  The other day someone was talking about the mini corn scene from the movie Big – which I have seen a million times – and I still can’t figure out what they were talking about.  Tim on the other hand remembers everything.  Even commercials he saw when he was thirteen.  Why won’t he share that memory.

True Story:  When T and I first started dating we were doing the whole Skype-date-thang and he asked what I was watching.  I gave him a QUICK glance of the true-life crime show that had held my attention long enough for my date to notice and you know what he said?  “Oh that’s the one where he sticks the girl in the suitcase, I saw that a few years ago”.  And you know what….he was right.  That man DID put that girl in the suitcase.  I am still amazed.

–  Our baby shark, Fajita took his first bites yesterday.  I can’t believe how patient Tim has been in getting that little booger to eat.  Now we have a Fajita full of shrimp….please tell me I am not the only one laughing.

–  Is anyone else abnormally excited for the Gold Rush finale.  Please let Parker be the one who is now filthy rich.  I am pulling for ya little buddy.

–  I still have yet to drink a soda in 2013 – with the exception of a splash of Sprite in some adult beverages.  Somehow my body hasn’t gotten the memo, because the pounds are doing everything but falling off.

–  I love to dance, particularly line dancing.  It is one of my favorite things to do and I got a little boot-scoot in this weekend which made me realize how much I miss it.  It also made me realize how much my calves hate line dancing.

–  Tim did indeed fix my computer.  So expect lots of pictures tomorrow. IMG_1342

What has been on your mind lately?

Written by Christina and Tim

It’s officially official….
WE ARE SHARK PARENTS baby fajita After a whole lot of waiting our baby shark decided to surprise us this weekend.
We literally bounced off walls.

Don’t ask about the name, it just kind of fit.
Very “apple-esque” don’t cha think.

Fajita is about the size of our hand, he’s teeny tiny.
I wish I could pick him up and snuggle. little bundle of joy How could you not love that face.

Now comes the really hard part.
We have to get him to eat.

We have heard it can take up to two weeks to get them to start munching.  We are already trying, and in our heads he is already picking up that it is food.  But doesn’t everyone think that their little one is ahead of the game.

When you say your prayers tonight, throw in little Fajita.
He’ll thank you later.

We have already decided that if we DO get him eating, then a bigger tank is in order.  Obviously I have already begun planning.

No way can we let this little munchkin go until he is at least four feet. look at those colors He has already made friends with the little shrimp.  If only that shrimp knew that in a couple months Fajita will want him for dinner.

Mama’s so proud.

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Written by Christina and Tim

Can you believe this is our seventh Monday?

Today’s challenge is near and dear to my little pittering heart.

There is nothing I love more than our military.
Except maybe nachos, I do love nachos.

No matter your political beliefs, or how you feel about war…you have to respect people who are willing to lay their lives on the line day in and day out for all the freedoms we take for granted.  I am not tough enough, even though I would love to serve our country, I am just not that brave.

I always try to show support, donate, and send love to our military.
Today I hope you will join me. monday matter I hope today you can take a few minutes out of your day to write a little note of encouragement and appreciation to our American heroes.

Don’t know a soldier personally?
Here is a great resource to help you say thanks.

All this challenge has to cost you is a little time and one stamp….unless you are like me and sending out as many letters as you can write from the heart before your hand cramps.  Holler for soldiers.

Written by Christina and Tim

I mentioned earlier this week how excited I was to give T his present.
Now I am just as excited to tell you guys about it my card for Tim I mean, could I have found a more perfect card?
I think not.

I had a really cute idea to tell him what we were doing (because I am always up for an adventure) but do you know how tough it is…nay nay impossible it is to find an inflatable intertube in the winter.  So I doodled instead. tubemania

My original plan was for him to blow up an inflatable for a clue, but like I said…none to be found.  He figured out my sweet drawing skills with a quickness.

We are going snow tubing this weekend….you know like grown up sledding.
It might be epic, I think….I’ll keep you posted.

On the other spectrum, I am a spoiled brat.
Avert your eyes if you hate mushiness. pretties

I did surprise T with dinner.
We like to avoid crowds, so this was the only logical solution. our dindin

Onto the good stuff, feel free to sing some Rhianna while scrolling.
Shine bright likea diamond.  Holler. the best present I have ever gotten my knees are weak

Those earrings are probably my favorite thing I have ever gotten, simply because he actually heard me every time I said how much I loved my fakies.  It was so unexpected….I did NOT expect jewelry.  Hence the snow tubing and pizza on my part.  Tim is so thoughtful, and that’s all the bragging I will do promise.

Wanna know the best part?  No horrific calorie intake this year.

How was your Valentines?


Written by Christina and Tim

His and Hers - February

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We couldn’t resist throwing our favorite things out a day early in order to go all Valentiney on y’all.  And by me I totally mean me, myself, and I.

Tim was not as excited when I told him he needed to come up with his favorite Love-themed things…but he did it.  And once it was all together he was so excited that he gave me my V-day present early!

I let him put you on the D.L.
Dad, that means down low….and it’s like secrets and stuff. fellers

1.  Sea Salt Caramel Brownies – need I say more.
Wait I will say this, please make more.

2.  Anyone that knows me knows that I am a loyal Nike consumer.  In fact while writing this we counted five Nike products on my body, including my glasses.  So go figure I would jazz up my shocks with a little holiday color.  Then they can work overtime at Christmas.

3.  Any good guy has to know how to put a little work in.  The Notebook is a sure thing, after all the tears of course.  I usually opt for a little Phil Collins karaoke, she digs it.

4.  I have been feeling the “steampunk” look lately and what better way to show off your mushiness than with an anatomically correct heart belt, right?

5.  The secret to life is to smell good.  People just like you if you smell good.  Jean Paul Gaultier’s Le Male is Christina’s favorite, can’t argue with that.

6.  Does this need an explanation?  This is the most festive man shirt you will find. ladies 1.  Isn’t it a rule that you have to smell sweet on dates?  It should be, I feel like Romance is the perfect choice for obvious reasons.

2.  How cute is that dress from  I have this weird obsession with cloths from the 1940’s-60’s….I don’t wear them but I always wish I would have grown up then so we could wear dresses everyday.

3.  Do you remember Louise from Sex and the City the movie?  St. Louis representin.  She always carried her “love” with her….I feel a little piece of me was jealous.  I don’t know if it was due to Jennifer Hudson’s amazing transformation, or the cute love key chain but I need both.

4.  Bling it up….always.  Especially on V-day.  I am not the biggest fan of the heart shape, but these are perfect for the occasion.

5.  I can’t tell you enough how much I love this nail polish!  I wear it plain, I layer it over teals and blacks and other pinks….I love love love it.  You simply can’t go wrong with pink glitter, period.

6.  I am all about accessorizing these days, and this adorable heart bracelet could jazz up any basics.

7.  I am truly smitten with this bag, it is actually from Kate Spade’s bridal collection and I imagine it is even more beautiful in person.  It looks so soft and romantic, if I ever get rich then I will buy them for everyone okay.

Written by Christina and Tim

love ya

Hope you have an amazing Valentines day and celebrate all of the love you have to share.  Because sharing is caring.

Send chocolate.
Love ya, mean it.

Check back later for our Love edition of His + Hers favorite things.

Written by Christina and Tim