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Last weekend…..we stayed in town.  And enjoyed some popular St. Louis tourist destinations.  We want to share with you why the Lou is so great.

You can read about some of it in these posts.

Part One
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But this post right here is all about poo flinging monkeys…kinda.

Actually it is more about fuzzy butts, because that was the theme of the day.

I’m not kidding….everywhere we went…..we saw tail.


Thank goodness we had some patience….or we wouldn’t have caught this…

Please don’t ask us about the turtle threesome activity.  Seriously, it was mortifying.  All the kiddos kept asking why they were making noises and hurting each other.  I. am. scarred.

Moving on.

This is my favorite….thing.  Dog face, horse neck, zebra legs.  What are you?

What a rough life.

Those wire fences really ruin a great picture….I am bringing wire cutters next time.

Dang everybody be having babies.

But not these two.

Our babies are our fish.

But if I could take one of these home, I sure would call it my baby…

My sister would rather take these home though….Miss ya Leika…I got you one for your dorm-lawn.

And Tim….he wants a hippo.  Or this guy….

That’s not asking too much, right?

I told him if he gets a gorilla, then I get to stuff homeboy below in my purse to go on princess rides.

I’d be the coolest girl on the block.

Just like stripes up there…she was voted “the coolest” on the Red Rock trail by some little three-year old on a leash.

After all this animal watching I was exhausted….and Tim was planning our next adventure.  Hippo Harbor.


This might sounds strange…or maybe not considering this post…but my favorite thing was this leaf that was floating in the hippo tank.

It was so pretty and magical.

 I think maybe you needed to see it floating gracefully to really appreciate it.

But that hippo tank was too small for those beasts!  I have such a love hate relationship with Zoos, I love seeing the animals but I hate that they are captive and look so sad.

Maybe I’ll start a zoo animal support group.

Written by Christina and Tim

We had a hometown weekend last weekend which you read about here.

You saw all the greenery that I swooned over, but I left out the real reason we were there.  You may have figured it out from this Instagram shot.

or possibly this one….

The Missouri Botanical Gardens was hosting the annual Lantern Festival.

It is art by day, and magic by night.

We were supposed to go see the magic, but they were sold out the last two weeks it was open.  And because we are naturally procrastinators, we only got to see the art.  Whoomp, whoomp, whoomp.

But it’s all good in the hood y’all….it was still neat.


The main attraction was a giant dragon made of fine china.  It was amazing.

I love the macho-ness of dragons and the delicate-ness of the teacups.  The whole thing was a beautiful oxymoron.


The detail was impossible to capture, wish we coulda got a night view.

We also took a stroll down zodiac lane.  I learned something new…..T is a dog.


Literally.  Good to know up front I guess.  I think it’s important for him to know I am a feisty tiger too.

That wraps up our Botanical Garden trip…..stay tuned for the real fun.

Fuzzy butts.

Written by Christina and Tim

Inspired by Design Mom’s “Love the Place you Live” we decided to have a hometown weekend.

A weekend chock full of St. Louisie goodness….yes please.

We cheered on the hometeam, ate some frozen custard, hung out with some fuzzy friends, and visited a St. Louis favorite, the Missouri Botanical Gardens. 

Since I know you don’t want to look at 476 photos in one post….I will do us all a favor and break them down.

You are welcome.

We went to the Botanical Gardens for the Lantern Festival, and trust me I will tell you all about that tomorrow, but I think I was more than a little obsessed with the botany.

Hello and welcome to my garden…..ok I wish.

Get ready for greenery overload, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I seriously want to frolic in those flowers.


We even found a little friend…..hello there.

Would you believe me if I told you that our camera battery died after about 20 minutes of being there.  I guess we over worked her.

Now please don’t ask me what any of those plants are, I am not a botanist….just a lover of pretty things.

Ask Tim….he is a botanist.

A gangster botanist.


Written by Christina and Tim

Fairly certain I am coming down with something.

Not sure if it is allergies, or my first cold of the year, or just exhaustion from our crazy weekend.  But it goes a little something like this….

Constant sneezing, splitting headache, itchy desert eyes, scratchy throat thus husky voice, muscle aching, did I say splitting headache…oh ok good, dry cough, and the ability to fall asleep at my desk in 2.34 nanoseconds type exhaustion.

Let me draw you a picture.

Yea, I understand if you want to run.  I would too.

On the bright side….I have no fever.

That little piece of inspiration can be bought on the cheap right here.

When I get sick, all I want is my mama.  Yes I am a fully grown woman, but my mom is the only one who has the patience for me when I feel like this.  I need my head rubbed not naps people.

When Tim is sick he does a man-detox.  He bundles up in like forty winter blankets, drinks a lot of fluids, and just “sweats it out”.  Hogwash I tell ya.

How can guys and gals be so different?

I should write a book about how we are basically from two different planets, oh wait…that’s so nineties.

I find the best cure for this kind of sickness is a hot bath, and some sort of juice.  I don’t like tea and I am not much for soup, so I am doomed without juice.  I am off to heal myself.

Feel free to send soup…..Tim needs dinner.

Stay healthy my friends.

Written by Christina and Tim

Come one, come all...

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Welcome to our playroom.

Well, our non-existent chittlins playroom.  You may remember them from this post.

I have been loving the Carnival theme these days, and what better theme for a playroom really.

The room is gender neutral with a girly blue and a boyish red, or some kind of fancy smancy designer talk.

It would be a lot of work to paint teal stripes, but oh so worth it in the end.  Gives it the “big top” feel without being too literal.

My favorite thing in the room is the carnival art prints.  I love the magic she captures in these vintage, airy photos.  You could do a whole collage or just one or two.

The mason jar light you could easily DIY if you are into that sort of thing.  They mirror the colors in the art prints so perfectly and kind of remind me of the milk bottles you pay a quarter to knock over.  Oh who am I kidding, it’s probably ten dollars a pop now-a-days.

It wouldn’t be a carnival without some lit-letters.  I really actually would love to get a couple of these for around the house.  Kind of in love with the nostalgia of it.

I would love to make a bunch of pillows and big cushy pads to jump and play on out of this fabric.

The vintage circus toy box is easy, just go to auctions and garage sales.  You are sure to run across one of them.  And I don’t have any kids, but I feel like you can never have enough toy storage.

Finish it off with rich, red, velvet show curtains to really make the kiddos feel like the ringmaster.

Maybe we need this room for just us, it looks like fun.  We could throw a trapeze and a lion in there and just have a ball.

Written by Christina and Tim