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All of my friendlies are having babies.

But you knew that, because I told you here.  I do not have kids on the agenda, which I told you here.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t be inspired by all the baby making going on.  Don’t get any ideas boytoy.

I’m just saying that I do enjoy looking at all of your pin boards chock full of nursery goodness.


I’m so inspired that I am going to create a nursery mood board for our fictional twins.  Because in a perfect world you would knock a boy AND girl out in one try.

So while I am probably giving both of our mothers heart palpitations right now, I present our baby rooms.  And no, we are not expecting.  Double negatives means I’m serious.

So get off the “you’re next” bus y’all, I don’t drink the kool-aid.

Okay…you can call me predictable on this one.  Gray will be the last name so the color is a given, and hello look around…we are kind of obsessed with all things that live in saltwater.

I feel like a lot of this you could DIY…specifically buying a used crib and painting it navy.  Making a cute fishie mobile and if you are really brave, I bet you could make that boat.

The awesome crib is so different from your typical white or brown.  I love it, and it’s so nautical, so I’m lusting.

The paint….Gray of course is Benjamin Moore’s, Graytint.

I think the mobile is such a sweet take on something that can be totally tacky.  I would love to paint it a bright glossy red and let my baby dream of sweet whales singing to him all night long.  Maybe I will put on whale songs.

The gorgeous jute rug is a really good way to bring in texture and curves.  Who knew a rug could be so spicy.

The bedding is my favorite.  It’s patriotic and ocean-esque but still classic and best of all it doesn’t have ducks on it.

The clock and rocking boat are fun ways to incorporate a theme into the room and make it feel cohesive and fun.  I woulda killed for one of those boats to cruise around in.

Overall, I would say our non-existent baby boy will be quite a catch.  Ok that was cheesy, but as long as he doesn’t think having a sailor room means he can talk like one….I’ll be a happy mama.

Not what you expected eh?  Who does blue and green in a girls room you say…..we do.  Little miss will inevitably love mermaids, so call me a psychic when I say her colors are sea foam green, coral, and oyster pearl blue.

My favorite thing in the whole room is the Ombre Curtains.  I know it’s a big fad right now, but the ruffles make it so girly and they really do remind me of the ocean.

Like the post before, a plain ol’ crib is not going to cut it.  So I went with this freaking adorable coral crib.

The picture frame is made of seashells and of course this imaginary kids room will be full of photo shoot memories.  I also love the print that says, “The World is Your Oyster”.  It is indeed little merbaby.

And isn’t the light fixture incredible?  I am really putting it on my Christmas list.  I’m a planner you know!

The paint is none other than Behr’s, Seafoam Pearl.

Talk about some stylin and profilin kiddos.  Can I just remind you that I am not pregnant and this was just for fun, mmkay thanks!

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Written by Christina and Tim

8 thoughts on “We’re expecting….you to read this

  1. Serah Strebel

    I am just jaw-to-the-floor, speechless shocked that you can just whip out two nurserys over night. It took me NINETEEN WEEKS to pick boy/ girl nursery themes (& an additional 2wks to plan what items would be used to pull these themes together).

    1. Christina Post author

      Hahaha well it is a lot easier when you don’t actually have a baby on the way. When we do have kids our nursery will probably take me the whole nine months to plan!!!!

      1. Serah Strebel

        I think ocean themes are very clever and original. Plus it will make for some very adorable baby pictures!! Love the “merbaby” thing you have going on in Future Baby Girl’s future room :)) hehe

  2. Katie

    I’m in love with the boy nursery! I’ll start looking for wood die-cut sea animals ASAP! That mobile WILL be a DIY!

    1. Christina Post author

      Hahahahaha…..I never realized there were so many adorable baby things!!!! Im going to make a “kids room” next week I think and it’s SUPER CUTE!!!!

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