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Oh what you forgot that we got engaged?

it’s okay, we did too.  Between new jobs, surprise parties, conferences, and all things crazy we sort of forgot that we are supposed to be planning a wedding.  We had debated starting a little sister blog just for wedding planning so that we could over-share all of our plans and ideas, but then I thought about how complicated things could get and scratched the whole idea.  Scratched it faster than I could say “domain name”.

 So we will be sharing some wedding details here and well, here.  Hope you all can get as excited as we are.  If it totally annoys you, then you should probably avoid my Pinterest account at all costs. wedding-pinterest-page So what do we have figured out?  Not much.

We have a tentative date….10-4-14 although we heard that is hunting season.  Maybe a hunting themed wedding, no?  I often ponder all the fun things we could do with that date (10-4 good buddy).  Plus, Tim would never forget our anniversary and that fact alone forces it into winnerhood.

We do know our wedding party, and it’s very unique…although we haven’t “officially asked” them yet.  There’s something special in the works for all that.  Don’t worry, you will be the second to know.

Our biggest struggle is going to be a venue.  We aren’t very traditional, so all the typical places are off the table.  Anyone know of a big empty warehouse or field we can borrow?

Which leads to our biggest decision….elope in Maine or throw the biggest party Missouri has ever seen?  Remember how we fell in love with Camden, Maine last year?  It would be a perfect place for a sweet little ceremony, and then we could use all that money we saved to get some hardwood floors.  Then again, I want our first dance.  I want to see all my friends laughing, and I really want to shove cake in Tim’s face.  I just don’t want to have to cut a guest list thanks to our meager budget….which is why we had the idea to throw a fair.

Yes, you read my crazy scheme correctly.  I want to throw a fair, filled to the brim with cotton candy.  A live bluegrass band, real rides, and tons of fun had by all.  Maybe a gorgeous gold dress.  Any idea how to make that happen.  Where there’s a will there’s a way, I hope.

We are going to look at Lost Hill Lake this weekend, wish us luck!  I feel like once we have a venue the ball will really start rolling.  Please tell me that’s the truth and that I am not doomed.

What kind of wedding did/will you have?
Should we elope or have a big, crazy shindig?
Think we can pull off a fair?

Written by Christina and Tim

My twenty-seventh birthday will go down in history.

All I asked for was a duck.

Instead, my boyfriend gave me the gift of knowing that I get to kiss him everyday for the rest of our lives. he asked and i said yes I get to marry my best friend.

I have smiled the biggest, glowy, cheese ball smile for the last two days.  Let me tell you all about it.

Christina’s story:  Talk about a surprise.  Sweet Tim knew that I would not be suspicious of a romantic night out if it was for my birthday.  He took me out for my favorite dinner and even let me order the dang lobster dinner.  He pacified me as I talked about the newest Kardashian and laughed at me when I burned all my taste buds off.  He was so cool, calm and collected I never gave any thought to this being anything more than a birthday dinner.  Tim knows me, he knows that I don’t do terribly well with surprises and I pretty much despise being in the limelight.  This was not the place.

Tim had a plan, a cute duck with a ring around its neck.  Who knew ducks would be so hard to come by this time of year.  So then he considered Asti and quickly decided a vet X-ray would not be a very romantic proposal.  Plan B was a lovely fire and a bottle of wine.  Then it poured.  St. Louis was under flash flood warning and even though he tried to convince me that “he could totally make a fire with swamp wood”.  I just stood over him drinking my wine and commenting on all the projects we need to tackle this weekend.  While staring DIY in the eye he decided we needed to take the party inside.

This is where my obliviousness comes into play.  Tim begged me to let him make a fire.  We could curl up by the fireplace and finish our wine and stare into each others eyes or something.  I should have seen where it was going…instead I convinced him that he would be all dirty and it probably wouldn’t even start and I mean it is summer so we really shouldn’t be heating our house.  Oblivious.  Instead I drag him onto our couch and beg him for presents, because that’s just the kind of gal I am.

This is where I tell you how awesome T is for getting me the phone case I wanted.  He is awesome.  Playing it so cool.  I am still hopelessly clueless re-charging my phone.  Then he starts teasing me.  “Asti, mama has another gift huh?” he says.  “Should we give her the other gift, I’m not sure she will like this one” he says.  “Wanna watch some TV?” he says.  Fast forward to me on hands and knees begging for another present, keeping my fingers crossed for that little chirping snugglebun.

In strolls Timothy.  Hands behind his back.  “Put your hands out” is all he says.  I listen intently for chirping, got nothing….then I fear the worst….he got me worms.  After a small panic attack, I refuse and he simply says, “then just turn around”.  I always do as I am told.  When I turned back around that little ninja had taken a knee.  Right about here my mind goes blank.  I can’t remember a thing.  I am told I made a funny hand gesture that led T to believe I was saying “no”.

He had a spiel, but apparently I jumped in his arms so fast that all he got out was “Christina Renee, you are the love” and tackled.  Then there were lots of kisses and smiles and “oh myyyy gosh”s.  Then it happened, then he told me the story. the ring This ring, this beautiful ring, was the ring that Tim’s grandpa gave his grandma after returning from WWII.  When Tim and I met, we had some major bonding over the love we had for our grandparents so I know how important and special this is to him.  I have never had anything so precious to me in my life, a little treasure.  Cue the tears.  Yes, there was lots and lots of ugly crying.  The kind that chokes your airway off and snot bubbles become a real possibility.  Why does this guy want to marry me again?  I’m stumped.

After a good thirty minutes of tears and kissing, I composed myself for this gem. we are excited Pure happiness.

Tim’s story:  I asked, she said yes.  Thank goodness.

Now the real fun begins!  Any tips?  Advice?  Please don’t tell Tim to run.

Written by Christina and Tim

Welcome back Monday…glad to see you again.

We had some crazy weather this weekend and are currently still burrowing our way out of fourteen inches of the best snowman-building-snow you’ve ever seen.  Isn’t snow sometimes so lovely?  Especially when you can stay inside and bundle up with your love.  It is not so lovely when you have to brave the roads, so wish us luck today.

This Monday we didn’t want to do anything too crazy in case you are snowed in like us.  So instead, we are asking you to plan. monday matter Did you know that birthdays are the number one reason people celebrate?  In fact, every single week there are 5,812,037 birthdays and 79,623 births.  Along with weddings, retirements, graduations, bat & bar mitzvahs, funerals, and balls we are a celebrating culture.  So what if for just one celebration you gave your gifts to someone less fortunate? give up your gifts Maybe your birthday has already passed or maybe you are like Tim and say, “but that is the only day that is all about me and there is no way I am giving that up mmmkay”.  Why not host a charity party?  Do I really have to convince you to gather all of your friends and family for a hootin-and-hollerin good time?  Didn’t think so.

There are so many charities near and dear to our hearts, what are your favorites?

Written by Christina and Tim

This weekend was a complete whirlwind.
The highlight was visiting Ces & Judy’s for our monthly STL Bloggers meet up.

The fine folks at Ces & Judy’s slaved all day in the kitchen, and boy am I thankful.  I kind of wish they would move in and make me delicious food all day.

Oh wait, you didn’t know that Ces & Judy’s did more than cater?
It’s okay, neither did I.

Get ready to be amazed, and slightly jealous because I totally parade our good eats all over this post.  Hope you’re not hungry. call jenna The amazing Jenna Stratman hosted our little shindig and was even sweeter than the brownies they fed us.  I was so excited to see the venue part of Ces & Judy’s since it was completely renovated last fall. the entry

My favorite room was the round room.  It was so cozy and architecturally interesting.  And can I tell you how happy I am to not see red and gold tacky carpet.  You know what I am talking about, right?

Thank goodness when they remodeled, Ces & Judy’s went with a more neutral look.  I’m just saying brides….this will totally go with your colors, no matter what they are.  Ces & Judy’s has got your back. round room Rachael from StyleEveryDay.com was better prepared than I was.  I completely forgot all cameras AND business cards, social networking queen right here.  the details The whole venue was stunning, but here’s what took my breath away. the menu ohbloggers now I am hungry dessert Oh that food was so magically delicious.  Minus the leprechaun.

If you remember the baby shower I planned then you know I am all for letting someone else doing all of your cooking and cleaning.  It is just so much easier, and I am putting Ces & Judy’s on my party places list.

Now who can I throw a party for?

A huge thanks to the St. Louis Bloggers and Ces & Judy’s for throwing such an amazing event.  While Jenna did offer us a free meal for posting about their lovely space the thoughts and praise are all my own.  Especially about that carpet, thank goodness for non-tacky carpet.

Make sure you check out all our awesome St. Louis Bloggers.
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Written by Christina and Tim