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Friday, already?  I mean I am not mad about it but where did this week go?

I am too excited about this Etsy shop not to jump right in.  How could I not love a shop called Anchored Inc. anchored-inc-etsy-shop-roundup I don’t think you need an explanation as to why we love this shop.  So all I will say is duh.

Want even more awesomeness?  Get ready, comin atcha like a stack of pancakes from dear old Betty. view-along-the-way-canvas-letter-wall-art Remember when vinyl wall quotes exploded?  Every house you went into had an inspiring line or two and you immediately had to get one of your own and find a spot for it.  Just me?  Well, I feel like I could have the same problem with these canvas letters.  Like every single room you walk in could have a quirky quote.  I love that Kelly chose to paint them the same color as the wall, so subtle but such a great message.  Don’t be surprised if you see a version of this soon. henry-happened-diy-tinted-glass-terrarium Ahhh tinted glass, is there anything I am crushing on more than that?  Nah, nope, no way.  I love this DIY terrarium from Henry Happened.  I know terrariums are very B-I-G right now and I don’t see them going anywhere anytime soon.  If only my plants would stick around just as long. wild-olive-felt-feather-clips-diy True life confession, every time I think of felt I get the shivers.  It takes me back to grade school craft time and all the fugly creations I made.  I have yet to make anything that most people would call “pretty” out of felt.  But check out these felt feather clips from Wild Olive.  Ummm adorable.  Makes me want to conquer my felt phobia. not-your-mommas-cookie-reeses-loaded-ice-cream I apparently have a very serious sweet tooth.  Nothing looks more tasty to me than this bowl overflowing with ice cream loaded with Reese’s peanut butter cups and Reese’s Pieces.  Seriously, get in my mouth….not even my belly.  I just want to taste you forever.  Too much?

Did you find anything great this week?
Craving peanut butter and ice cream now?
Did you have a vinyl quote?  Is it still kicking it on your wall?

Written by Christina and Tim

Ahhhh Friday….it is so nice to see you again.  Next time don’t wait so long to visit, kapeesh.

Hope you all have some weekend plans, Tim and I are crossing our fingers that we will be able to check “find venue” off the wedding planning list.  Then pondering why I have such a weak spot for personified animals.  I realized while rounding up my favorites for this Friday post that I am always drawn to funny animals that look like people.  Maybe I felt jipped that I never had a “dogs playing poker” print growing up.  Or maybe I am just weird.  Either way, these whimsical people-mals are some of my favorites. cocktail-zoo Seriously, Coco de Paris at Cocktail Zoo has a real way of giving those guys their own unique personalities….there are even little biographies on each one.  Adorable.  Wonder if they do custom work.  Can’t you see Taj surfing waves or Asti laying on a chaise eating bagel bites, or something.

I found so many other fancy and fun things this week…check it. design-fest-salmon-tacos Tell me that Salmon Tacos don’t sound like the tastiest thing I’ve never made.  Maybe I will get brave this weekend and attempt to make Bri’s version.  I feel like topped with the Mango Salsa it will be a flavor explosion in the best possible way. eighteen-25-colorful-fire-pit Have you ever seen a fire pit as fun as Nora’s colorful masterpiece.  It makes me want to step out of the box in all design decisions.  Tim and I have tried to embrace color in our lives, so I am nineteen percent sure I could totally talk him into this. apartment-therapy-tin-can-windowsill-garden Be still my heart.  I am kind of in love with these vintage colorful tins that I found on Apartment Therapy.  I want them lining all of my windowsills, and I really want a little watering fairy so they don’t all die.  Who do I talk to about making that happen. blonde-abroad-love-story Ok, if you do anything….in your life….click this link and read Kiersten’s story about the boy that wrote a song for her.  Then he did what most guys do, performed it in front of thousands of fans.  Seriously, this girl is living a real life fairytale.  Tim better bust his guitar out with a quickness.

Have you ever had a song written about you?
Got any fun plans for the weekend, do tell.
Think we will pick our wedding venue this weekend?


Written by Christina and Tim

Aye party people…oh wait we are grown ups…hello peers.

This week has been one full of ideas and excitement.  You ever have those moments when ideas are popping into your head faster than you can write them down?  Then you start thinking of fundraising ideas and ways to create a time machine.  No, just me?

  I find a constant theme in our lives is not having enough time and money to do everything we want.  Oh you can relate, yea I bet 99.9% of you can relate.  To the other .01% you should move in with us and teach us your ways, I will even call you a “guru” if you like.  Or at least teach a class, or loan out your time machine.

The real problem is that in two weeks all those ideas will be drying up like Jay Leno’s career (not a hater, I want to squeeze that big ol’ chin).  Hence, the writing down.  For now I am ignoring all my list making and soaking in all the inspiration you can find in the blogosphere with our Friday favorites.

I have been really falling hard for water-color paintings lately.  I wish I could make something like this. favorite etsy - lanas art Lana’s Art Gallery is an Etsy shop that is overflowing with color and sweet themes.  That bicycle gets me so ready for Spring to get its butt in gear and warm this town up.  I am beyond ready for lovely blooms and sunshine.  The itchy eyes, not so much. favorite - nation art Ever since I found sweet Beth of Sawdust & Embryos she has impressed the heck outta me with her furniture redesigns.  Now she has really gone and done it, she opened an Etsy shop.  My wallet should run for the hills.  The best part is, even though she is selling these awesome pieces of art she also shows you how to make it yourself.  I think I will skip the sliced fingers and misshapen nation and just put it on my wish list. favorite - scratcher Did you realize Mothers Day is basically right around the corner.  Oh yea, you better get your plan on.  If your mama is anything like my mom all she really wants is a neck rub, which is why this is a perfect gift.  Without all the birthday mambo jambo, you don’t want to confuse her. favorite - seaglass It should come as no surprise that a carousel that tricks you into thinking you are underwater riding on dolphins is basically our dream come true.  Any little girl who has watched Little Mermaid has to be down with this right?  Looks like a trip to Staten Island is in the works…or building a carousel. favorite - tealights While I was cleaning out all of our closets last weekend I came across a huge bag of tealights.  Tim won’t let me throw them out because apparently they are perfect for summer nights outside but I am trying to find a way to pretty the basic-ness up.  We always have tons of cans laying around so I think this needs to happen, immediately.  Maybe I can pump a couple out while I am hosting our very first garage sale tomorrow.

What are your weekend plans?
Have you tried out YHL’s forums yet?
Any garage sale tips for us novices?

Written by Christina and Tim

Oh man, normally I look forward to the weekends.
But this one has me nervous.

It’s my little sisters 21st birthday celebration.
I am not as young as I once was y’all.
Wish me luck.

Before I embark on this adventure that may be the death of me, I want to share some of the best things on the world-wide web. MAKE YOUR FRUIT EVEN SWEETER How sickingly sweet are those stickers?  Tim and I have been eating more fruit and veggies lately thanks to Fruit My Cube and I gotta say…coughTIMcough I would be so thrilled to find a little love note on my grapes.

I think they would be so cute if you have kiddos too.  My mom and dad were always leaving little notes in my lunch, and you know what…I still have them.  Little things people, it’s all about the little things. that looks easy I am so obsessed with this cake from Serena.  It is so perfectly unfussy, and it has such character.  She gives a really good tutorial on how to make a cake just like hers and it is so simple I think even I can do it.  I love that she embraces any mistakes you make while frosting…makes you feel like less of a failure when it just comes out as a pink blob.  Everything I touch turns to goo.

Now get your scrolling finger ready.  I stumbled on the Life in Five Seconds.
Ch-ch-ch-ch-check, check it out.

speed timelines I know, that was a long scroll.  But hilarious right?
I ordered the book and can’t wait to get a full on biography lesson.

What did you find out there this week?

Written by Christina and Tim