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Today is going to be a very lucky day.  Happy Friday the 13th my friend.

I hope you have a day as beautiful as one of Nataly Novosad’s watercolor paintings.  I wish everyday was this beautiful, and I also wish I could make a watercolor painting without it looking like a two-year old spilled their juice.  Nataly has mad skills and also paints adorable little animals, her duck painting pretty much melted my heart. nataly-novosad-watercolors-etsy-shop Some other things that made me verbally ohhhh…. a-beautiful mess-bar cart I seriously want to have a guest room.  A fancy one where we could invite people to come to ol’ Missouri for the Gray house bed-and-breakfast experience.  Maybe one day.  Le sigh.  When that day comes, I am taking a cue from Elsie and Emma and making a sweet statement with a welcome cart.  I want to come stay with them, pretty much immediately. the-hunted-interior-dog-bed I have never found another person that makes me think outside of the design-box like Kristin.  The best part is I literally love everything the girl does.  Take this beyond cute dog bed for example…Asti is super jealous. closet-kitchen-hot-cheesy-corn-dip This makes me so upset that our corn didn’t make it.  This just sounds like it is everything good in the world, cheese and corn….yes please.  Kevin, you sure know the way to my heart.  Now send me corn.

What goods did you find this week?
How are you celebrating Friday the 13th?
Have some corn I can borrow?

Written by Christina and Tim

Hey Friday, Hey Friday, Hey Friday, Hey.

That was totally appropriate because this Friday I am bringing the good stuff.

Just look at this gorgeous collection of photographs from Lola’s Room.  I want to do a whole gallery wall filled with her soft and colorful photos.  They make me feel young and fresh.  Which one is your favorite? lolas-room-etsy-shop-feature I love that by looking at those photos you can tell this girl has an eye for detail.  I imagine her stopping right in the middle of a carnival to stop and snap a photo of that old dodge…Or walking through fields of flowers to get some lovely bloom shots.  If only all of our lives were that beautiful, right?

Wanna know what else I have been crushing on this week… creme-de-la-craft-diy-nail-polish-bottle-vases When I was a kid, I always brought my mom in dandelions from the yard.  I was like 5 so even weeds were pretty, and my mom always put them in this cute dainty little vase.  They were special flowers.  Can you imagine me bringing in a dandelion now?  Tim would be busting out the yard killer in point five seconds flat.  With all the old and empty nail polish bottles I have lying around, I think making cute little vases like Natalie did could be the best idea ever.  Shouldn’t finding the beauty in weeds be some sort of deep metaphor….someone help me out with that. studio-DIY-Gumball-Drink-Stirrers A drink is a treat in itself, but I would be so excited if once I slammed it I had a sweet treat to eat.  I am putting this in my “cute details for parties I will never have” file.  Then I would shove as many gum balls in my mouth as humanly possible and chew until my jaw aches.  My idea of a good time for sure.  Can we also talk about how insanely adorable Kelly’s photo styling is? honey-bee-in-the-city-dyed-bones I found these dyed bones on Kaelah’s blog and couldn’t help but love them.  Sure it is slightly strange to have little deceased critters in your possession, but when they are that pretty how do you resist.  Tim has mentioned wanting an articulated skeleton or something, maybe I can pass one of these off as a birthday gift.

Did you find anything great this week?
Would you ever buy dyed bones?
What’s the best tv show you are watching lately?

Written by Christina and Tim

Friday, already?  I mean I am not mad about it but where did this week go?

I am too excited about this Etsy shop not to jump right in.  How could I not love a shop called Anchored Inc. anchored-inc-etsy-shop-roundup I don’t think you need an explanation as to why we love this shop.  So all I will say is duh.

Want even more awesomeness?  Get ready, comin atcha like a stack of pancakes from dear old Betty. view-along-the-way-canvas-letter-wall-art Remember when vinyl wall quotes exploded?  Every house you went into had an inspiring line or two and you immediately had to get one of your own and find a spot for it.  Just me?  Well, I feel like I could have the same problem with these canvas letters.  Like every single room you walk in could have a quirky quote.  I love that Kelly chose to paint them the same color as the wall, so subtle but such a great message.  Don’t be surprised if you see a version of this soon. henry-happened-diy-tinted-glass-terrarium Ahhh tinted glass, is there anything I am crushing on more than that?  Nah, nope, no way.  I love this DIY terrarium from Henry Happened.  I know terrariums are very B-I-G right now and I don’t see them going anywhere anytime soon.  If only my plants would stick around just as long. wild-olive-felt-feather-clips-diy True life confession, every time I think of felt I get the shivers.  It takes me back to grade school craft time and all the fugly creations I made.  I have yet to make anything that most people would call “pretty” out of felt.  But check out these felt feather clips from Wild Olive.  Ummm adorable.  Makes me want to conquer my felt phobia. not-your-mommas-cookie-reeses-loaded-ice-cream I apparently have a very serious sweet tooth.  Nothing looks more tasty to me than this bowl overflowing with ice cream loaded with Reese’s peanut butter cups and Reese’s Pieces.  Seriously, get in my mouth….not even my belly.  I just want to taste you forever.  Too much?

Did you find anything great this week?
Craving peanut butter and ice cream now?
Did you have a vinyl quote?  Is it still kicking it on your wall?

Written by Christina and Tim

Ahhhh Friday….it is so nice to see you again.  Next time don’t wait so long to visit, kapeesh.

Hope you all have some weekend plans, Tim and I are crossing our fingers that we will be able to check “find venue” off the wedding planning list.  Then pondering why I have such a weak spot for personified animals.  I realized while rounding up my favorites for this Friday post that I am always drawn to funny animals that look like people.  Maybe I felt jipped that I never had a “dogs playing poker” print growing up.  Or maybe I am just weird.  Either way, these whimsical people-mals are some of my favorites. cocktail-zoo Seriously, Coco de Paris at Cocktail Zoo has a real way of giving those guys their own unique personalities….there are even little biographies on each one.  Adorable.  Wonder if they do custom work.  Can’t you see Taj surfing waves or Asti laying on a chaise eating bagel bites, or something.

I found so many other fancy and fun things this week…check it. design-fest-salmon-tacos Tell me that Salmon Tacos don’t sound like the tastiest thing I’ve never made.  Maybe I will get brave this weekend and attempt to make Bri’s version.  I feel like topped with the Mango Salsa it will be a flavor explosion in the best possible way. eighteen-25-colorful-fire-pit Have you ever seen a fire pit as fun as Nora’s colorful masterpiece.  It makes me want to step out of the box in all design decisions.  Tim and I have tried to embrace color in our lives, so I am nineteen percent sure I could totally talk him into this. apartment-therapy-tin-can-windowsill-garden Be still my heart.  I am kind of in love with these vintage colorful tins that I found on Apartment Therapy.  I want them lining all of my windowsills, and I really want a little watering fairy so they don’t all die.  Who do I talk to about making that happen. blonde-abroad-love-story Ok, if you do anything….in your life….click this link and read Kiersten’s story about the boy that wrote a song for her.  Then he did what most guys do, performed it in front of thousands of fans.  Seriously, this girl is living a real life fairytale.  Tim better bust his guitar out with a quickness.

Have you ever had a song written about you?
Got any fun plans for the weekend, do tell.
Think we will pick our wedding venue this weekend?


Written by Christina and Tim

It’s finally Friday…hopefully this weekend all of our projects won’t get rained out.

If they do, then I will be spending my day browsing Arcadia Graphic’s Etsy shop.  These prints and posters are sure to leave a smile on your face.  As I scrolled through her shop the prints just kept getting better and better.  If you can read these and not crack a smile, well then I am impressed. arcadia graphic My favorite is probably the Llama, but it is hard to choose just one!  I think the tent would be perfect on our “adventure” frame wall.  If I ever actually get to it.

In other blog greatness… caitlin wilson Clearly I love all things nautical but Caitlin Wilson just sends me overboard with all of her gorgeous textiles.  I love the bright colors, I adore all the anchors, I need it all. all that glitters Speaking of sea loves…someone convince me that this girl is not a mermaid.  I need a gold dress and a beach astat, and maybe liposuction or something.  I just think this is one of those dreamy pictures that I wish I was in. lovely indeed Timothy loves The Princess Bride, and the first time he forced me to watch it he kept repeating this line.  I knew as soon as I showed it to him he would want it printed and on the wall immediately, I was correct.  You can print yours too by visiting Lovely Indeed.  That girl always has cute freebies. vitamini handmade Who knew a fan could capture my heart.  It is just so sweet and vintage looking and makes me want to go spray paint crazy.

What “good things” did you find this week?
Have you seen The Princess Bride?
Who else likes to pretend they are a mermaid?

Written by Christina and Tim