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Today I am mourning....

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The loss of my hometown heroes.

For my friends that were wrapped up in the debate or Honey Boo Boo re-runs last night, the St. Louis Cardinals fell to the Giants in what some might call a “landslide”.  I disagree, mainly because I live in the flatlands and I have never witnessed a real-life landslide.  I feel like it would be real sad.

Back to baseball.
The game was ours to win, and we didn’t. 

I do not believe it was a matter of not wanting it bad enough, I think our want and drive is what got us this far.

We were not supposed to get this far.

So thank you for a great season Cards, I’ll be here….counting down till Spring Training.

Until then, I will be rooting for Mister Weird-Beard. That, my friends, is my official statement.
Now I will go drown my sorrow in cupcakes and Barbara Streisand.

On a slightly ridiculous note, while watching my team get smacked around and flipping back between the beating and the debate I was also crafting.  With Elmer’s glue.  I know it’s amazing all the things women can do at once.

The glue prompted an impromptu glue-your-hands-together-like-you-are-in-second-grade-again session.  What was so fun about sticking your hands together at eight years old?  Do kids even still do that, or have they learned?  I just got frustrated, Tim says it’s because I didn’t lather the glue on.  I say it’s because I couldn’t grab the remote with glue hands.

I hope Brian Wilson never tries to put glue on his hands, it would inevitably end up in his beard.  Scary thought.

Written by Christina and Tim

We ranted and raved in this post about our new laser level.

Knowing we could have perfectly straight lines kind of blew our minds.  I found myself laying in bed thinking of things that needed straight lines in our house.

The only idea Tim wouldn’t veto was my oh so subtle living room stripes.
Sorry the pictures are terrible, it was a night project.
I don’t have an official “after” picture yet because we are saving it for our “home tour” reveal.

After playing with my iPhone’s panorama function I did capture this beaut.
If you look closely, you can find a little rat dog hiding.
10 points for the first to find her.

Written by Christina and Tim

I am not a golddigger....

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But recently I have been growing a little sweet spot for gold.

There is something sweet and girly about gold, maybe when the price of it started going up I started taking notice of it’s sparkle.
Oh wait…I am not a gold digger.

But I am digging this gold. While perusing one of my new favorite sites Stella & Dot I noticed all the things that I was jotting down on my I’ve-been-good-for-Christmas list happened to have something in common.


This is not your grandmother’s gold people, the pops of color keep it fresh and fun.  Although there’s a certain vintage charm that comes with sporting giz-old.

Everything above can be found on Stella & Dot, in case you are starting your Christmas shopping early friends.

This is not a blatant hint…ahem I really love the green ring.  What is your favorite?

Written by Christina and Tim

The Great Debate....

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Is not over immigration or the economy, it’s over what to put above our tank. We have looked at tons of art with no compromise in sight.
We tried getting Romney & Obama’s suggestions, but apparently they are busy.

So when I started going vinyl crazy, T suggested some custom vinyl art.

We quickly settled on the quote, “Here fishy fishy” because of a laughable scene from Deuce Bigalow.

After cutting the vinyl on my Silhouette Cameo….we got started. Funny story about that laser level.  After seeing my crazy crooked application on my jars.  Please pretend you didn’t notice okay?
Tim decided that he was not leaving me to put up the vinyl…something about being impatient or in a hurry or some jazz.
So we rushed out to get a laser level.
Gotta say, one of our best investments to date.  Just wait till you see the next project it inspired.
Back to business. So what do you think?  Would you have gone with a goldfish painting?  Should we have added a fish hook, or is that just cruel?

Written by Christina and Tim

Go Cardinals...

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You should know by now that we are from St. Louis.
You should also know we are huge Cardinal fans.

I thought I would share a couple gems with you in support of our boys in red.
First up is a great song, made greater by the addition of Redbird history, enjoy.

Are you dancing yet?
Well, get your bling bling on and get ready to shoulder lean with this comedy gold.

In case you aren’t much of a Cards fan, here’s a little something for you.
Don’t say I’m not good to you.
Now say it with me…..GO CARDINALS!

Written by Christina and Tim

Anyone that knows me knows what a sucker for crime shows I am.

Mainly real life mysteries like Dateline and Snapped.

You can bet your bottom dollar that if a sultry voice comes on the boob tube to tell me about so and so missing for six years…I am on it like Sunday morning bacon.

So how come no one informed me of the Investigation Discovery channel?

Last night I cozied up to “Who the Bleep Did I Marry” which happened to be about a man from St. Louis who was poisoning his wife.  We sure know how to grow em around these parts.

Then I watched “The Devil You Know” which is about…..well what else, crazy husbands.

Motives and Murders is on cue in the DVR.

I’m obsessed and I need to know…were you all holding out on me or am I finally ahead of the crowd on something?

Written by Christina and Tim